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Body God

Body God Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 3.0 / 5

Body God Movie Review : Body God addresses life’s necessities using death

There is a belief that a human being is worth something only until one is alive and loses all that importance after death. Director Prabhu Srinivas has chosen an entertaining subject in Body God to showcase how one can have some worth even after his or her death in this dark comedy.
There are certain inevitable situations which can turn one’s life upside down. This film deals with such a situation. Vasu is a male nurse who harbours a dream of going to Dubai and he had trusted a middleman with his money which he has lost. It is at this juncture that he gets a lucrative job to take care of an unwell person Puttanna. When everything seems to be going well, Puttanna dies and the film is a roller coaster ride of what happens next to Vasu and Puttanna.
Director Prabhu, who has previously made a mark with mass films, has chosen a different story and has succeeded in his attempt to a large extent. Most of the situations are funny and draw laughs. While there is humour, there is also a lot of philosophy that is conveyed implicitly through the dialogues, especially those spoken by Guruprasad. Revealing more would be taking away from the experience of watching the film as it will give away too much about what happens in the story.
Guruprasad excels in his role and his performance will be lauded for a long time to come. Manoj fits the bill for his role, especially with his innocent roles. Padmaja Rao and Deepika Aradhya deliver what is expected from them. Director Prabhu is seen in a quirky role and is entertaining.
Body God succeeds in its storytelling and casting. This can be a good option to lighten up your mood if you’re looking for a fun watch.

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