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Bodies Bodies Bodies

Bodies Bodies Bodies Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Bodies Bodies Bodies Movie Review : An unusually intriguing horror comedy

STORY: A group of rich twenty-year-olds plan a hurricane party at one of their mansions. They play a game as the storm begins, but things soon get out of hand when one of them dies.

REVIEW: We’re initially introduced to Amandla Stenberg as Sophie and Maria Bakalova as Bee as they head to the party. Stenberg shows impressive range as the long-time friend of the group whose history makes her unwanted. Bakalova is great at playing the newcomer Bee, attempting to fit into the gang without trying too hard. Pete Davidson is at home in his seemingly off-the-cuff depiction as David, while Lee Pace seems to relish the role of Greg, the oldest in the group. The cast has no weak links, which makes all the difference because these characters, mainly Gen Z, aren’t exactly likeable. They bring their emotional baggage to these complex relationships leading to a lot of simmering animosity.

This is the point in the end, but the screenplay by Sarah DeLappe runs the risk of alienating the audience by satirising what initially appears to be the film’s key demographic. The humour is very subtle and shows up in the unlikeliest ways. Layered with social commentary on how the generation perceives itself, director Halina Reijn adds another challenge by shooting most of the movie with flashlights. The unsettling ambience fits in how it obscures the group who have apparently grown up together and yet revel in hiding intimate secrets from each other.

A thriller-mystery-comedy from the house of A24, the production company behind well-received modern horror films such as ‘Midsommar’, ‘Hereditary’, and ‘The Witch’, is bound to be different from standard fare. ‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’ is unique in its presentation, combined with an unpredictable narrative and fitting conclusion. Filled with twists, the engaging screenplay doesn’t let up on a looming sense of dread. Although the tone could confuse viewers over how to feel about its characters and eventually influence your overall opinion of ‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’, its drama, on top of the murder mystery involving captivating performances from the ensemble cast, will keep you hooked.

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