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Bhirkit Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 2.5 / 5

Bhirkit Movie Review : Bhirkit delve deep on the harsh reality of humanity getting lost

Story: Set in Satara district’s Natoshi, the film’s story veers around a kind-hearted Tatya (Girish Kulkarni), who is always ready to help people in distress. He is someone who is always present on all occasions, and keeps a tab on every little event happening within the village. He is set out to solve a new problem, when a senior citizen Jaabar Anna dies in the village. Will he be able to tackle the situation?

Review: Humanity means having compassion towards others. Does humanity still exist? Do we still care for other’s emotions? There are people who genuinely show empathy in testing times. However, some prefer to be a mute spectator. Delving deep on the harsh reality of humanity getting lost, is writer-director’s Anup Jagdale’s ‘Bhirkit’.

The director has captured the day-to-day situations, both good or bad, in a most realistic manner. For instance, there’s an intense scene between a father and a 10-year-old daughter, wherein she makes her father realise that his behaviour towards his own father has been inappropriate. Even though the film is set in a small town, the situations are by and large relatable to people residing in any parts of the country. A death in a family brings to the fore, how fickle could people around be. However, the story tends to get a bit haywire. Another drawback is the romantic track between Monalisa Bagal and Tanaji Galgunde. The romantic songs take away the seriousness of the issue that the film is trying to highlight. The length of their track could have been crisper. Plus, the mundane jokes and overstretched scenes lead to boredom.

The saving grace of the film are the performances of the actors. Despite the length of the character, every actor has done full justice to their part. Special mention to Sagar Karande, who manages to keep your attention intact, every time he appears on screen. His talent has been beautifully tapped because of his well-etched character. Hrishikesh Joshi has picked up the finer nuances of his character well. Girish Kulkarni’s performance reflects the vast experience he has in cinema.

Overall, the film will bring a smile to your face; can be watched once.

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