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BhauBali Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

BhauBali Movie Review : A good story marred by average execution

While Bhau is a rich man who leaves no opportunity to flex his wealth, Bali is an honest milkman who provides milk at Bhau’s housing society. When Bhau doesn’t pay the money he owes Bali, the latter decides to teach him a lesson and the two clash. This forms the basic premise of the film that’s a humourous take on the issue of class discrimination and one that makes strong statements while doing this. The story itself is very strong and poignant. So, the premise of the film makes a strong point in this case. However, the execution is where this Sameer Patil directorial falters.

While trying to present a relevant issue with a humorous take, the film tilts more towards the latter. It’s definitely a better outing than Patil’s previous film, Vikun Tak, but not his best one. The stretched second half further adds to the woes.

In the acting department, Kadam and Joshi stand out for their genuine performances, as do Hrishikesh Joshi and Santosh Pawar. They are successful in bringing a smile to your face.

To sum it up, Bhau Bali is an entertaining watch and you may like it too. But compared to the original story, this doesn’t quite hit where it should.

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