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Bharat Majha Desh Aahe

Bharat Majha Desh Aahe Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 2.0 / 5

Bharat Majha Desh Aahe Movie Review : Potent story lost in mediocre execution

Amid a sea of films that play up on your face patriotism, there are exceptions. Exceptions that aim to present the same message in a subdued, different way. Bharat Majha Desh Aahe is one such story.

The film revolves around the life of a family from a village that has a tradition of having young men in the armed forces. Aaba (Shashank Shende) is the patriarch of the family. A balanced and practical man, Aaba lives with his wife (Chhaya Kadam), daughter-in-law Kiran (Hemangi Kavi) and grandson Sonu (Rajveersinh Raje Gaikwad). Aaba’s son Jagdish is serving in the army. With Jagdish soon to come home on leave, the atmosphere in the house is upbeat. However, things suddenly change when a war starts between India and Pakistan. With no way of communicating with Jagdish amid the war, the family is worried and is praying for his safe return. Jagdish’s mom, helpless and tensed, offers to sacrifice their goat if her son makes it home safely. However, this breaks the heart of Sonu, who is very attached to the goat. Will the family consider his attachment and not sacrifice the goat? Or will the kid have to make peace with the thought that gods will get angry if the promise of the sacrifice is not fulfilled?

In about two hours, director Pandurang Jadhav has tried to address the importance of communal harmony, superstition and non-violence in this film. While the story is pure at heart, the end result is all over the place. The director tries to blend in a parallel plot about Sonu’s efforts to save his goat too. What happens ultimately is that the film fails to present either of these things properly.

Actors like Shashank Shende, Chhaya Kadam and Hemangi Kavi make their presence felt on the screen, while Mangesh Desai too is good in his scenes. The kids, Rajveer and Devanshi, ooze innocence and manage to put a smile on your face.

However, Bharat Majha Desh Ahe is a film that could have been made in a much better way. The story has potential, but the film doesn’t succeed in creating the desired impact.

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