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Bestie Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Bestie Movie Review : Twists alone can’t save this badly-written thriller

Bestie Movie Synopsis: A couple going on a date to a beach resort experience strange events and the incidents repeat again as they get stuck in a time loop of sorts. What happens next form the crux.

Bestie Movie Review: While most of the horror genre flicks are watchable, especially for the chills that it brings along, only a few make us think why it was even made – Bestie is one such film. Director Ranga’s idea to pen a horror thriller by repeating the events, sequences and the characters – similar to ‘time loop’ concept is quite interesting. But that alone is not enough to hold a two and half hours film. What most don’t understand is that – perceiving a story idea and writing for screen are two different things. Your one-line might sound good on paper but there is a lot more to making it a full length movie.

Like many other horror thrillers, Bestie, too, starts off with a young couple – Ashok Kumar and Yaashika Aanand going on a date to a beach resort located in a isolated region. We see strange things happening there, leaving the couple in fear. Whenever Ashok tries to get close to his girlfriend, the door bell rings. We see a watchman, a vegetable seller, an electrician and a courier guy disturbing their privacy.

While we expect more of jump scares and revelation of the supernatural element, the director surprises us with a twist. We get to see that all these incidents were in the hero’s dream and the couple is still stuck in the car post an accident.

The audience are again made to travel with them to the beach resort and the events repeat all by itself but in a slightly different pattern. Is there really a ghost or who is behind all this form the rest of the crux.

What starts off as a horror thriller, becomes a revenge drama towards the climax. There are many twists in the second half which generates little interest but then what the maker failed to realise is that people would be interested in the post interval sequences only if the first half is bearable, which is not in the case of Bestie.

We see Ashok approaching the heroine and the door bell rings. Again after few minutes, he advances to her and the door bell rings. These sequences keeps repeating in most uninteresting ways leaving us confused just like the lead characters in the film.

Yaashika Aannand performance is laudable, especially in the climax sequence. She has contributed well to the role but then, the writing and the characters arc could have been more powerful. Ashok has done a decent job too. Though the background score was good to listen to, it fails to elevate the story. Other characters including Lollu Sabha Maaran, Jeevan and Seshu have contributed well and their scenes are something to watch out for.

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