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Benki Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 3.0 / 5

Benki Movie Review : A brother and sister saga with high octane action sequences

Plot: Benki, set against a village backdrop, narrates the relationship between a brother and sister

Anish Tejeshwar, as Benki, is a fiery character who is ready take on any challenges. He is loved by everyone in his village. He has a younger sister, Seetha, who means the world to him. Their bond is such that Benki will eat food only if it is served by her sister. They are always together. On the other hand, he falls in love with with a girl. The first half is all about establishing the bond between brother and sister, which has many light-hearted moments.

The film gathers pace in the second half, when the protagonist tries to marry off his sister, who passes away under mysterious circumstances. Benki tries to unravel the truth behind her sister’s death, which keeps the plot interesting.

Benki has all the commercial elements sentiments – comedy, romance and loads of action, which has sort of become a template in Anish’s films. The brother and sister sentiment, which is not a new theme in Sandalwood, makes a comeback after a while, but there are not enough moments that will leave an impression, especially in the first half.

When Benki loses his sister, he decides to take vengeance against miscreants, which makes the entire saga predictable. What follows is ample dose of action. Anish does his best. Sruthi Patil and Sampada shine in their respective characters. Benki can be a good watch if you like tales about brothers and sisters, and action.

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