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Before You Die

Before You Die Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 1.0 / 5

Before You Die Movie Review : An underwhelming tale of love

STORY: Kavya, a terminally-ill girl, arrives in Darjeeling with her father, a college professor. With barely some time left in her hands, she meets Kuldeep, whose love makes the last leg of her life the most beautiful she’s ever had.

REVIEW: Somewhere, deep into the film, you suddenly find yourself in what seems like a recreation of the closing scene of Titanic, where Kate Winslet walks through a sea of people and reaches out to Leonardo DiCaprio. While that was a romantic gem, the one in ‘Before You Die’ is anything but.

Director Suvendu Raj Ghosh’s ‘Before You Die’ is about Kavya’s (Kavya Kashyap) courage and strength. She’s suffering from pancreatic cancer and barely has time left on her hands. The film depicts the journey of the last six months of her life which she spends in Darjeeling, away from her home city in Rajasthan where she was being treated. No solid reason for her father to take up a posting that takes Kavya miles away from her doctors. It’s here that Kavya meets Kuldeep (Puneet Raj Sharma), and that brings in a host of happy changes to her life. She falls in love with him but she knows it’s not going to end well for them.

The film aimlessly takes half of its runtime (approximately 96 minutes) to just let the audience know that Kavya is terminally ill, an evidence of poor editing and direction. The rest of the film shows how Kuldeep helps her fulfill some of her wishes before she dies.

Although the intention of the makers was to show how one must live to the fullest, and face challenges with a smile, their effort falls way, way short. The narrative is poorly crafted, leaving several loops of the story open and characters hanging in thin air. The performances are barely something to talk about – it’s all too amateurish and half-baked. No attention to detail. Even though the cinematography and songs are decent, the rest of the film lacks in just about every other department, which leaves you severely underwhelmed before you leave the cinema hall.

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