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Bebhan Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Bebhan Movie Review : A typical drama that can be given a miss

With a lacklustre script and acting that will make you squirm, Bebhan is a typical ‘boy meets girl, girl refuses boy, boy sets out to change his life’ film – a plot truly done to death. The end of the movie however, throws you a bender and not in a good way.

Uday Patwardhan (Thakur Anoop Singh), the protagonist and Ajji’s (Smita Jayakar) spoilt grandson has everything handed to him on a platter. Always used to having his way, when Priya (Sanskruti Balgude) doesn’t reciprocate his love, his ego shatters and sends him into a whirl of intoxication. This inevitably leads to a hit and run, which to no one’s surprise, his grandmother swiftly pushes under the rug.

What follows is an argument with his grandmother, forcing him to leave everything and roam the streets, till he chances upon Radha (Mrunmayee Deshpande), who for the rest of the film, makes it her life’s mission to help Uday.

Singh’s acting is far from anything worth watching and Balgude is a close second. Jayakar and Deshpande do justice to their roles despite having to play characters that lack substance. Maddy (Sanjay Khapre), Uday’s sidekick, has a few moments in the sun.

The direction by Jagdale could do with magnitudes of finesse. The editing is mediocre too and so is the set design. The music of the film is easily forgettable. The action scenes do add a little life to the otherwise antagonising script.

But, to sum the long story short, this one can be given a miss.

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