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Barood Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 2.0 / 5

Barood Movie Review

Story: The story revolves around a boy who lives as a slave to rich people for livelihood. But when the rich family of Zamindars start troubling his family and mother he decides to take revenge and kills them one by one.

Review: Bhojpuri film ‘Barood’ is produced and directed by Ramakant Prasad. After giving hits like Deewana and Daag, in this movie Ramakant Prasad took Viraj Bhatt in the leading role along with Monalisa and Priya Sharma.

The movie started well but the film fails to be on the track. Whenever the audience starts expecting something interesting, movie loses it’s grip. In order to give equal weightage to all the characters the movie fails to keep the audience glued to the screen.

The songs in the movie are not that melodious and most of the songs appear like remix of some old songs. There is a lot of gap in the editing of the movie too. The movie is not well edited. However, the action sequences are quite interesting.

Talking about acting, Viraj Bhatt has not been able to impress the audience. The same look prevails on his face throughout the movie. Monalisa has done a better job than before. Although Priya Sharma’s role in the movie was not too much but she did justice to her role whenever she came onscreen.

The strongest character in the movie is of Vandini Mishra who portrays the character of Viraj’s mother.

Overall, ‘Barood’ had all the ingredients of making it big but because of so many loop holes in editing and scripting it has failed to reach the mark of excellence.

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