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Balamevvadu Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Balamevvadu Movie Review : A decent love story with revenge and a message

Story: Satyanarayana (Dhruvan Katakam) is an insurance agent whose life revolves around policies. One day, his work takes him to a dance academy, where he falls in love with Parnika (Nia Tripathi), a dance student. In the following events, he unintentionally rescues her from an assault, and after multiple meetings, they eventually fall in love. But their world is shaken when Parnika is diagnosed with cancer. Will she survive? Is she suffering from cancer, or is there a cynical medical mafia behind it?

Review: Drawing from real-life experiences, director Satya Rachakonda tried to put forward a film on how the medical mafia and rackets affect ordinary people and how they can stand for themselves. He narrated the message-oriented emotional revenge drama through a decent love story. Dhruvan Katakam, as Satyanarayana, impresses with his ease of acting and brilliant comic timing. Nia Tripathi, as Parnika, does a fine job as a cheerful girl with progressive thoughts and later as a patient undergoing chemotherapy. Babloo Prithiveeraj as Phani Bhushan, a greedy doctor; Suhasini Maniratnam as doctor Yashoda, and Nassar as doctor James once again prove their class as fine actors. Mani Sharma’s music needs a special mention for driving the narrative emotively. The movies also had Vivek Trivedi, Jabardasth Apparao, Idream Anjali, Mani Mahesh and Sravan Bharath in supporting roles.

The film had the story, screenplay, dialogues and direction by Satya Rachakonda, music by Manisharma, cinematography by Santosh Shakti and Giri P, editing by Jesvin Prabhu, lyrics by Kalyan Chakravarthi, singing by MM Keeravani and Anurag Kulkarni.

Balamevvadu is a decent love story which explores love in the first half and exposes the medical mafia in the second half. Mani Sharma’s music was a big boon in driving the movie forward. The first half is entertaining with adequate doses of humour, and the second half, despite its strong subject, feels a bit of a drag.

– Paul Nicodemus

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