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Bairagee Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 3.5 / 5

Bairagee Movie Review : A mass entertainer with its heart firmly in place

Plot: Huli Shiva, a hulivesha artiste, works in a police station, doing odd jobs. When he moves along with his inspector friend to a new city, he meets many new people, including Vathapi and Karna. While he discovers new friendships and love, he also witnesses an unfortunate incident that awakens the tiger within him once again. Does he find justice?

Review: There has been a lot of curiosity with regards to Bairagee that marks the Kannada directorial debut of cinematographer-filmmaker Vijay Milton SD. The film also brings together Shivarajkumar and Dhananjaya after Tagaru for the first time, along with a big cast. Additionally, the team has kept most details of the film closely guarded. There were doubts whether the film would be a remake of one of Milton’s Tamil films and it is. This is his 2017 film, Kadugu, mounted on a bigger scale.

Bairagee is a faithful remake, but it does incorporate enough mass elements that one expects from a film starring heroes like Shivarajkumar and Dhananjaya. The biggest win for the team is the way they have managed to ensure that the mix of the content and mass elements is right. The film does give enough whistle-worthy moments, but also gives enough scope for emotions and relationships to play out at their own pace.

There is this dialogue in the climax where it says one must lead a life not to please others, but that would allow one to look oneself in the mirror without any difficulty. This is what the film has done, where characters are not black or white, but it is the situations that make them oscillate between shades of grey and one can overcome those shades of evil if they are true to their own selves. With this premise, the filmmaker has carefully touched upon the topic of sexual assault and rape in a sensitive manner.

One wishes there were more commercial heroes who choose to lend their support to such stories, which speak about important issues, instead of treading down the path of meaningless self-glorification. One must hand it down to the team for getting the casting right, where they have been careful to not fall into the trap of commercial staples and have ensured that the message in the end is conveyed in a heartwarming manner. Of course, this does have a little dramatisation, but that is inevitable when trying to balance the subject with the cast in question.

Shivarajkumar brings in the restraint one saw in him in films like Kaddipudi and Mufti, while also bringing in some of his mass charm from films like Om and Jogi. Dhananjaya as Karna lights up the screen and yet makes you cringe at certain moments and empathise with him. Pruthvi Ambaar is a delight and brings in the energy quotient. Shashikumar lends gravitas in his role as an inspector. The visuals and the music complement the narrative, making Bairagee a good watch for both family audiences and front benchers.

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