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Baal Bhaarti

Baal Bhaarti Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Baal Bhaarti Movie Review : It’s the film’s family dynamic that moves you the most

Baal Bhaarti feels like a warm hug from the very first minute. The characters of the father, mother and son are all fleshed out within the first music sequence itself. In a movie that is a blend of social commentary and a take on the education system, it’s the family dynamic that moves you the most.

The Desais are a lovable and quirky family who encourage their son Chinmay (Aryan Menghji) to be an active innovative child. The story particularly highlights the need for learning through play. Inspired by his grandmother’s struggle with Alzheimer’s, Chinmay invents a handy device that gets him selected as a young innovator. While this brings immense joy to the family, his father’s professional struggles with the English language turn into an obsession, forcing Chinmay into an English medium school. What ensues is a unique journey for both parent and the child, each learning valuable lessons along the way.

Siddharth Jadhav and Nandita Patkar essay their roles with brilliant chemistry. Their conversations about the well-being of their son and their quiet support for each other shine through. The star of the show, however, is young Aryan, who is the embodiment of childhood creativity and innocence on screen. The father-son connection between him and Jadhav are some of the high points of the film.

Director Nitin Nandan has done a fantastic job of bringing the story to life without relying on hack-kneed tropes. The music is pleasing throughout and frames the story beautifully. The pace suffers at some places and the overall treatment could’ve been slightly better. That said, Baal Bhaarti is a definite must watch this weekend for the whole family.

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