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Avatara Purusha: Part 1

Avatara Purusha: Part 1 Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 3.5 / 5

Avatara Purusha: Part 1 Movie Review : This film sets the right stage for the second part

Plot: When a son of an Ayurveda scholar goes missing, he blames his sister and cuts all ties with her. When the latter’s daughter decides to set things right with a devious plan, there seems to be more trouble waiting for the family.

Review: Black magic, voodoo and spells have been a subject for many films. They always get viewers fascinated, as there are multiple aspects to it that each filmmaker has tried to convey. Avatara Purusha: Part 1 is one such film which has tried to showcase an unique aspect of black magic.

This film also sees Suni and Sharan get together for the first time, making it natural for people to expect lots of laughter. And viewers won’t be disappointed. This is because while the film does touch upon the subject of Trishanku Swarga or Loka in black magic, there is the trademark humour too. One must applaud Suni for the research he has done on the subject, which ensures viewers are held in rapt attention.

The story begins with how Ayurveda scholar Rama Jois’s only son, who goes to the village fair with the former’s sister, goes missing. Angered by this, Rama Jois asks his sister to leave his house and cuts all ties with her. Years later, Rama Jois’s niece decides to mend the relationship between her mother and uncle, and hatches a plan by bringing a junior artiste to pose as the long-lost son. Does everyone accept him? What will happen when the household falls prey to some evil eyes who have treacherous plans? Who ends up solving these problems?

The film is loaded with laughter, but Suni has ensured it does not go over the top anywhere. Alongside this, there is the novel concept of Trishanku that he has brought to the fore. Horror and thriller films need edgy elements to keep viewers hooked, and there are enough twists that keep one guessing in this film.

Srinagara Kitty is seen after a long time on screen and he has added his own charm and special touch to the film. Sharan is at his best in the role of a junior artiste. Ashika Ranganath has a role that allows her to perform, and she excels. Balaji Manohar and Ashutosh Rana add a scary touch to the film, especially with their gaze, making them the perfect choice for their roles. The ensemble cast that includes Sai Kumar, Bhavya, Sudharani and B Suresha deliver what is required of them.

One must compliment Arjun Janya’s background score and the Vasudaiva Kutumbakam and Hero Honda songs. William David’s cinematography is top notch. The film delivers what it promises and the last 20 minutes especially keep the viewers hooked. The stage is correctly set for the second part.

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