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Aum Mangalam Singlem

Aum Mangalam Singlem Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Aum Mangalam Singlem Movie Review : A take on modern-day relationships

How do you describe a modern-day relationship? What is it that the young look for in a relationship? The film Aum Mangalam Singlem answers these questions and more. This Saandeep Patel directorial is a refreshing film on two young modern-day lovers who want to experience singlehood before taking the plunge. The catch here is, they are happy with each other, have known each other since Class 5, but they have not known what it is like to be single and so, they now want to explore singlehood and tick experiences off a list they call singlenaamu.

Aarohi as Vaani and Malhar Thakar as Siddhu (Siddharth) set out to explore the freedoms of a young single person. While Vaani wants to open a dance studio, Siddhu wants to live in a PG, work as a young professional and more. They pause their relationship to give themselves the liberty to experience singlehood. As kids they always play a game where they fast forward their life, but now, as adults they want to pause. Vaani is focused and knows what she wants from life, whether it is her professional or personal life. While Siddhu always craves for more, changing jobs, wanting more freedom.

Aarohi as bubbly Vaani brightens up the screen every time she appears on screen. Malhar’s comic timing is on point throughout the film. Darshan Jariwala as Aarohi’s father, professor Vyas is what every father is to his daughter. All he wants is Vaani’s happiness while also disapproving of the graduate boy (Siddhu) she has chosen for herself. Darshan’s nuanced performance adds to the magic that Saandeep Patel brings to the screen.

Dancer Max played by debutant Tatsat Munshi is not a character to be missed. It is difficult to say that this is Tatsat’s debut film from the way he completely justifies his character. Bhamini Oza Gandhi as Ishita is effortless. She will remind you of a boss you have once run away from. Seeing Late Ashish Kakkad on the screen as Ishita’s boss and uncle will tear you up.

Aarti Patel, also the producer of the film has very little screen time and we crave to see more of her on screen. Her role as Siddhu’s mother will remind one of their own supportive mothers. Nisarg Trivedi as Malhar’s father is very relatable. A father who wants the best for his son while disapproving of his current decisions.

What is remarkable is that every character emotes the right emotions and not one person has acted loosely. Sanjay Galsar, Ravi Gohil and Nilesh Parmar as Siddhu’s friend elevate the storyline.

The second half is a bit lengthy but won’t lose the audience’s interest. Niren Bhatt’s lyrics and Shachin-Jigar’s music is a perfect combination and makes you croon the songs much after you have left the theatre. There are some beautiful scenes shot throughout the film but the ones at Polo Forest in the second half of the film makes you want to have ‘An Enchanted Forest Wedding’ yourself.

There are sequences like the dance between Max and Vaani that give a very Bollywood-like touch to the film. The multi-starrer film’s background score is what holds the film apart from of course the fabulous performances by the star cast. The story will resonate with a lot of youngsters. The audience has waited a long time to see Malhar and Aarohi’s pairing again after their 2017 hit film Love Ni Bhavai, and the wait was worth the while. Aum Mangalam Singlem is a full paisa vasool film written by Mitai Shukla and Nehal Bakshi. One, that must be watched with the family.

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