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Ananya Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 3.5 / 5

Ananya Movie Review : Hruta Durgule shines in this film with a big heart

Ananya comes across as a story about overcoming disability but turns out to be so much more. In a welcome shift from the slew of feel-good movies that both Bollywood and Marathi cinema have to offer, Ananya tells a fully realised story without pandering to the audience with hackneyed dialogues.

The film introduces Ananya (Hruta Durgule) and the lovable characters in her life seamlessly without once relying on expository dialogue. Ananya carries the aspirations of her father (Yogesh Soman) and the ambitions of her jobless brother (Suvrat Joshi), as she is set to marry into a wealthy family. An accident and the fallout of the same turn their lives upside down and what follows is a gripping tale of bravery in the face of abandonment. The writing is honest and real, exploring each character’s journey without making them feel like caricatures.

Most representations of disability on screen become a formulaic pity party used as side plot to further the narrative. Ananya brings this issue front and center and treats the same with dignity. The movie is filled with subtle symbolism that elevates the experience drastically. Pratap Phad in his directorial debut has managed to blend the beauty of a nuanced story with the visual storytelling that will rival the stalwarts. It perhaps helps that this is a story that he has been part of from its evolution as a play and into a film.

Hruta Durgule’s performance is praiseworthy. Her portrayal of Ananya’s silent frustration will grip you to your core. Amey Wagh comes in as a chaotic character that induces a bit of levity into the story.

The film has a big heart and is a must-watch for this weekend.

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