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Alipiriki Allantha Dooramlo

Alipiriki Allantha Dooramlo Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Alipiriki Allantha Dooramlo Movie Review : Life comes full circle in this crime drama which has its moments

Story: Varadhi (N Raavan Reddy), an idol frame seller from a family struggling to make ends meet, desires to become rich. He is in love with Keerthi (Sri Nikitha), but when her father rejects him for not being rich, he decides to make quick money and plans a robbery. Does he succeed in his attempt? How did it change his life?

Review: Life comes full circle; every action has an equal reaction; As you sow, so you reap. Loosely based on the principle of Karma, Alipiriki Allantha Dooramlo narrates the story of a youngster, Varadhi, who believes money would solve all his problems. Set in the pilgrim town of Tirumala, the movie is laced with faith and showcases how God brings justice and maintains equilibrium among people. The film uses harikatha to connect all the dots backwards to explain the correlation and how divine intervention works. Unfortunately, despite decent performances and engaging moments, the movie needs better writing and a more engaging screenplay.

N Raavan Reddy, as Varadhi, epitomises a frustrated young man and, to an extent, makes the viewer feel his pain and helplessness. He looks the part with his attire and mannerisms. On the other hand, Sri Nikitha, as Keerthi, gets limited screen time and does okay. Lahari Gudivada, as Varadhi’s mother, looks impressive, and the proverbs she utters during her conversation with her son are thought-provoking. The cast includes Alankritha Shah, Ravindar Bommakanti, Prasad Behara, M.S, Amrutha Varshini Somisetty, Amudala Murali, Bank Basha, Venu Gopal, Sandhya Priyadarshini, Prajwal Yadma, Jayachandra, Tulasi Bhaskar, Sravan Bharath and others. The film had cinematography by D.G.K, music and background score by Phani Kalyan, editing by Satya Giduturi and lyrics by Kitttu Vissapragada.

Written and directed by Anand J, this comedy crime drama featuring N Raavan Reddy and Sri Nikitha feels like an overstretch with some engaging moments that work. It needed better writing and screenplay.

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