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Akka Kuruvi

Akka Kuruvi Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 2.0 / 5

Akka Kuruvi Movie Review : An underwhelming remake of a beloved Iranian film

An official remake of the beloved Iranian film Children of Heaven, Saamy’s Akka Kuruvi is the story of two siblings who forge a bond following a mishap. Deva and Sara are siblings whose impoverished parents have put them up in good schools. When Deva loses Sara’s only pair of shoes, they are forced to strike a pact – she will wear his to her school and return them to him by afternoon, when his school starts. It seems like a neat arrangement, but they soon realise the practical difficulties. Deva even ends up going late to his school, earning the wrath of his principal. Fortunately, a solution presents itself before them. Deva has to take part in a marathon and come third as the prize included a pair of shoes!

With its core plot being a simple one, Akka Kuruvi doesn’t have to do much to make us care about the characters and keep us invested in their problem. But the issue with the film is the crude manner in which it is made with flatly directed scenes, excessive melodrama and performances that are hardly convincing. Worse, for reason best known to him, the director introduces a romantic track, one that might have felt dated even in 1997, the period in which the film is set in. It also butchers the narrative integrity and dilutes the core story. The framing device that Saamy uses to narrates the story also doesn’t add much value. In fact, the 2020-film Quota, while being highly melodramatic, managed to adapt this very premise in a better way and also made us care about its young protagonist.

The film largely banks on Ilaiyaraaja’s background score to make us invested, and the maestro comes up with a suitably Insistent score that keeps nudging us towards the emotions that we are meant to feel. This and the inherent feel-goodness in the story are what keep the film afloat.

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