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Adrushya Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 2.0 / 5

Adrushya Movie Review : Interesting premise marred by faulty execution

Does an acclaimed film need to be remade in multiple languages? Will the audience watch the remake? And just because the original film was a hit, will the remake enjoy the same success? These are some questions that Indian filmmakers need to start asking themselves.
Adrushya is a remake of the Spanish film Julia’s Eyes. Besides the Marathi version, the film was simultaneously made in a few other Indian languages. However, where Julia’s Eyes had a strong storyline, Adrushya has been turned into an average project.

The film is a story of twins- Sanika and Sayali (Manjari Fadnis), who suffer from a disorder called progressive blindness. The disorder results in Sayali’s death by suicide. However, Sanika doesn’t believe that Sayali could have killed herself and suspects that this was a murder. She starts finding a possible motive for someone who may have killed Sayali. In between all this, there’s the presence of an ‘invisible’ person that Sanika senses. Who is this person? Has Sayali killed herself or is the murder angle a figment of Sanika’s imagination?

While the story of the film isn’t engaging enough, the choreography, background score and editing help Adrushya hold fort. In the acting department too, there is some good work done. Manjari, who hasn’t been in the spotlight much, gets a plum role and makes the most of it. She stands out in this role and hopefully, it will bring her more interesting roles in the future. Pushkar Jog is sincere and does what’s expected of him.

Adrushya is predictable at multiple places throughout its running time. The writing falls short of making the desired impact and that translates into an average film on screen. So, despite scoring in technical aspects and the acting department, Adrushya doesn’t make an impact on the viewer. This is a film that could have been better, but isn’t.

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