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Aapdi Thaapdi

Aapdi Thaapdi Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Aapdi Thaapdi Movie Review : A heartwarming story paired with powerful performances

Story:Aapdi Thaapdi’ introduces a stingy yet well-meaning Sakharam Patil, who pays a price for his miserly behavior and alienates his entire family in one fell swoop. Sakharam then sets out on a mission with his trusted man-friday, Daamu, to win back the love and respect of his wife and child.

Review: ‘Aapdi Thapdi’ stands out as an example of what a heartwarming story paired with powerful performances can achieve.

While narration is often used as a crutch in many films, Daamu (Sandeep Pathak) introducing the characters sets the tone for a movie that plays out much like the tales of Malgudi Days. Sakharam Patil (Shreyas Talpade) has a hundred life hacks when it comes to saving money, as he lies, cons and straight up bulldozes his way through life. His wife (Mukta Barve) and daughter (Khushi Hajare) bear this behavior as he still is a loving husband and father.

Patil’s comeuppance is when he loses something of great value to his daughter, as he pushes his luck one too many times. Now, he has to go against his lifelong instinct to win back the love of his family.

In a deviation from the loud, in-your-face slapstick comedies, this film presents a subtle, captivating story. Talpade gives a performance that can truly be counted as one of his career bests. Mukta Barve and Khushi Hajare are praiseworthy too, while Sandeep Pathak as the eternally loyal friend and Nandu Madhav as the TC with the heart of gold win your heart. Director Anand Karir’s visual treatment brings each scene to life and ties you into the world of these lovable characters.

‘Aapdi Thaapdi’ feels like a warm hug. It is a simple story of simple people that ends up teaching the audience several small lessons.

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