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4 Years

4 Years Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

4 Years Movie Review : A love-hate romance

Story: A love-hate college romance

Review: The movie starts with the final day after four years of engineering student life for lovers Vishal (Sarjano Khalid) and Gayathri (Priya Prakash Warrier). Vishal is a short tempered, angry young man, though his soft nature towards Gayathri first attracts her. Vishal refuses to turn up for the group photo, as he feels he is a misfit with several papers to clear, and having broken off his relationship after a fight with Gayathri. Their conversation makes it clear that because of his habits, she has separated herself from him, though even six months after not being on speaking terms, they like each other. On the final day, what happens when Vishal meets her for the last time?

Ranjith Sankar is famous with his witty and soulful movies, like Punyalan Agarbatty or Ramante Edanthottam or Sunny. He tries the same with a campus romance. Though it feels like a slow pace movie, Ranjith has successfully woven a story where the viewer is hooked enough to know what happens next.

With about eight songs, the film feels like a musical, and on the plus side, Shankar Sharma’s compositions are largely good and “Niramizikal Mayathennil” and “Akale Hridayam, Arikil Nin Pranayam” are really captivating. Sarjano Khalid resembles Fahadh Faasil in some shots, and has done a good job. Priya Prakash Varrier is okay; but she lacks intensity and is expressionless in many key scenes.
– V Vinod Nair

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