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36 Gunn

36 Gunn Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

36 Gunn Movie Review : A decent watch for the younger audience

In astrology, it is said that if 18 of the 36 qualities from the prospective bride and groom’s kundalis match, it’s an ideal situation for the marriage. In the case of Kriya (Purva Pawar) and Sudhir (Santosh Juvekar) it’s a rare and perfect match of all 36 gunn, hence the name of the film. But, is this ‘made in heaven’ match compatible in real life? Do the qualities in the astrological charts define a relationship?

Director Samit Kakkad has ventured into a different and unchartered territory when it comes to Marathi cinema with 36 Gunn. Samit and Hrishikesh Koli have penned the story of this film that offers a novel take on modern relationships, individuality, internal conflicts and compatibility issues in a marriage. Kriya and Sudhir meet online, get married after their charts match and head for a honeymoon in London. London is familiar territory for the fiercely opinionated and strong headed Purva, but for Sudhir, who has grown up in a traditional system, these are unchartered waters. Purva prefers American Pie while Sudhir loves Sairat. Sudhir aims to be a good husband, while Purva’s ambition is to be the President of India. Their cultural and thought differences are as opposite sides of the spectrum as pizza and curd rice. And these differences pose a problem in their relationship and the couple decides to seek divorce within one year of marriage owing to their differences, prompting one to question whether the match was really made in heaven.

The story is interesting and it oscillates between the past and the present. Kakkad’s visualisation is on point and he effectively translates it on screen. However, the film has its lows, especially with scenes that stretch longer than they should. While it’s a great watch for youngsters who follow world cinema and would get the references infused in this film, 36 Gunn may not hit a chord with the older audience. Perhaps that’s not the purpose either.

Santosh Juvekar gets a role that gives him a chance to show his acting prowess and he does complete justice to the character of Sudhir. The dilemmas and frustration of Sudhir is well-portrayed by the actor. Purva Pawar as the opinionated and individualistic Kriya goes overboard at times, but leaves a lasting impact with her portrayal. Pushkar Shrotri in a small role is memorable too. 36 Gunn is a decent watch for the young audience. With a better climax and crisper editing, this one would’ve been even better.

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