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10th Class Diaries

10th Class Diaries Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 2.5 / 5

10th Class Diaries Movie Review : An honest effort which shines in parts

Story: Somayaji, aka Somu (Sriram), a peon’s son, had gone to America and became a successful man professionally. He even heads a reputed organisation as a CEO, but despite his fame and money, he struggles to sleep peacefully. His feeling of emptiness affects people around him – so much so that his wife leaves him and gets married to a westerner. Even his adventures with beautiful women don’t bring him solace. He calls on a psychiatrist (Sanjay Swaroop) to find out the cause of his situation. The psychiatrist asks him about the happiest moments in his life. After a prolonged discourse, Somu says it was his school days in Rajahmundry. He also reveals his love story with Chandni and how deeply he loves her. The doctor advises Somu to meet Chandni (Avika Gor) to have closure. Now in his middle age, he breaks from his luxurious life in the US and travels to India, hoping to meet Chandni. On reaching, he meets his childhood buddy Gourav (Vennela Ramarao) and plans for a 10th class reunion to meet Chandini. What envelops subsequently forms the narrative of the story. Did Chandini attend the gettogether? Did Somu finally meet Chandini?

Review: Well-known cinematographer Garudavega Anji turned director with the film 10th Class Diaries. Anji, who also handled the cinematography department, shines in his territory, especially after the interval. It was an honest effort, and he did a commendable job putting together a coming-of-age romantic comedy. The drawback of this movie is its rhetorical theme, which the Telugu audience has experienced time and again in films – from Naa Autograph to recent Janu. The school flashback in the first half needed better treatment and performance refinement. However, the BGM by Chinna and the music composed by Suresh Bobbili of Virataparvam are decent and try to amplify the emotion. The film also threw light upon misogyny and false pride and honour that have been plaguing certain sections of society. Based on actual events, the film will impress the audience in parts.

The camaraderie, timing and situational humour among the old school friends Somu (Sriram), Gourav (Vennela Ramarao), Half Boil (Srinivas Reddy), Nagalakshmi (Himaja) and Soumya (Archana) will definitely make you laugh. Avika Gor as Chandini will surprise the audience with her intense and committed performance, and classic Nassar aced his role as a crude and nonchalant father. While Bhanu, Rohini, Satya Krishna and Madhumita played important parts, the other cast included Tagubotu Ramesh, Gemini Suresh, Ambati Srinu, Jabardast Ramu, Chitram Srinu, Jabardast Borababu, Ganapati, Shivaji Raja, Rupa Lakshmi and Rajeswari Nair. The movie, edited by Prawin Pudi, had choreography by Shekar and Vijay Bunny, fights by Jashuva Master and was designed by Ananth.

Like other films dealing with school days, this film will also make you recollect your past and bring back many memories. However, while the movie succeeds in taking you back in time and making you recall precious moments, its rhetorical theme, archaic screenplay and overarching emotions at places became its bane. What works in favour of the film is its light-hearted humour, the effervescent feeling of love, cinematic and peppy vibe after the interval and impressive performances by the lead and supporting actors.

– Paul Nicodemus

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