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10 Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 2.5 / 5

10 Movie Review : A sports drama minus the adrenaline rush

Plot: Vijay Kumar (Vinay Rajkumar), a successful boxer and a gold medallist, fails his drug test and suffers a setback in his career. To survive his failing career, he must get up and fight harder than before.

Review: Vijay Kumar (Vinay Rajkumar) is riding high on the success of his boxing career. He is crowd’s favourite and is revered by his peers. He meets Shruthi (Anusha Ranganath) in a bank and falls in love with her. Vijay has it all – love, money and success. He is being trained under Pradeep Gowda (Gopikrishna Deshapande), who is constantly warning him about enemies disguised as friends. Vijay accepts a sponsorship against his coach’s wishes. And during the peak period of his career, he fails the drug test, which turns him into a sad, arrogant, depressed alcoholic. Amid all this Shruthi gets pregnant. Hesitant to raise a child at this point in his life, Vijay asks Shruthi to get rid of it. While she refuses to get an abortion, she loses the baby after Vinay pushes her during an argument. The loss of a child pushes Vijay into depression, again. But, a small incident changes his life and he decides to get back into boxing. But, this time, to win, he must fight harder than before.

Sports dramas are predictable and Ten is no different. Like every film from that genre, Ten also speaks about the formulaic rise, fall, and rise of the hero. However, what is missing is the edge-of-the-seat adrenaline rush that such films provide.

However, the parallels between a coach and student’s life and how a coach tries and fails to salvage his student’s career has been showcased well. Vinay has given a good performance, but the plain-ness of the film mars his hard work. His transformational arc is compelling. Gopikrishna Deshapande too has played his part with utmost conviction. Director Karam Chawla could have salvaged this film by adding a little oomph. The film works well for sports film buffs and probably fans of Vinay Rajkumar.

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