Amar Photo Studio: opening of creative marketing

In my reviews on theatre,  covering local Pune theatre festivals like Purushottam Karandak, IT Karandak; information and quality exist but with a few; I observed. The schedule  of a play, the prominent cast do exist; and it is public knowledge. Yet good quality performances are failing to draw huge crowds, which a play deserves.

A reason for such a situation is  un-organisation; which I agree is moving towards an order (,. But, in an industry where data is shared through word-of-mouth; inspite of there being a very old oral tradition of stories; sadly suffers with error.

A beginner in theatre , could be spending 5-6 months if not more, looking where to start theatre, what methods to prefer, where can they participate to showcase their talent ; also IS a number of years in a particular organization  mandatory to be able to perform with the group; inspite of having prior experience. Could a newcomer in a theatre group be superseded to a senior role, than other seniors in the group?

How to un-mingle all this webs on the way and stir a talent to a clear path of practice and bring reality to  art is certainly challenging.

Yet, creative marketing like “Amar Photo Studio” is scratching the surface of the ocean. It keeps the flow of information creative and clear to the audience.

I have been advising theatre practitioners in the city to use the hashtags #theatre #pune with their social media posts, to bring a form of order to their diverse artistic practices ; plus attention.

Amar Photo Studio is a play directed by Nipun Dharmadhikari and the cast include Amey Wagh, Sakhi Gokhale, Suvrat Joshi, Pooja Thombre and Siddhesh Purkar (#amarphotostudio)

Like the Ice-Bucket Challenge and The books you like challenge that surfaced this year, nominating friends to take the challenge for a cause; amarphotostudio employs a similar format. They sent out a wave of the nomination challenge, saying to click your photos at Amar Photo Studio, uploading your childhood photos. The childhood photos (old passport size ) being hilarious and the intrigue of clicking a photo in an unknown photo studio, oldish in Pune; grabbed the instinct of the theatre practising community. Only a few days back, the team revealed that amarphotostudio is the name of their new play.

The first (the latest you can scroll down to ) passport size photograph on the Facebook Page of the play got 198 likes. the second post by Amey Wagh got 161 likes.

Photo Source: Amar Photo Studio Facebook

Photo Source: Amar Photo Studio Facebook

The next post by Priya Bapat got 146 likes. The numbers go like 147, 151, 117, 31, 299, 168, 153, 240, 28, 124 (Sonali Kulkarni ), 45, 151 56, 156 in the posts. On July 27 the team revealed , the hashtag was the name of a play. Their poster on July 27 , uploaded at 6:00 pm got 583 likes.


Photo Source: Amar Photo Studio Facebook

A marketing strategy both organises, builds and promotes theatre , which is such a need of the hour. Also, a clear flow of information encourages collaboration, across the rich artistic landscape in the city. Yes, more creativity!