Purushottam Karandak 2016, Day 8

स्लेब by Singharh College of Science 

स्लेब takes a jibe at how newspaper stories are selected, where a newspaper editor and clerk are talking with one another.

The topic of their discussion is newsstories, the team has a good script , which is relevant and encourages research in news stories.The team show how the editor does not listen to the clerk, even though he may have a decent-enough understanding after so many years of work in the newspaper environment. They start playing a game of personating a character and situation; I liked the script of the team!

The efforts are successful and the clerk wins the editor over! Good luck !

Writer: Director:


गिरण by  ILS Law College

The cheers of the crowd tells you that ILS is on stage. A folkish-drum plays before the  curtains go up and ILS has your attention. Three women  are standing to one side of the stage covered in traditional turmeric ‘teeka’. The  poise of the team members are so instantly recognizable; which creates a natural texture of drama.

“गिरण” is about a caste in Maharshtra called “maang” who eke out a living by asking for food, money and belongings; taking the name of the Godess; who will shower boons on them. The protagonist struggles to educate her daughter Sapna and abhors the profession she makes money out of. She does not want her daughter to follow the same footsteps.

The scene where she slaps Sapna is symbolic and stays with you; and the tonality and struggle of the play meander around this act. Sapna has carried her role tenderly and Mangal (Aishwarya Wakhre ) as the protagonist , justifies her character.

Sai Tamhankar , who has been an actor in the ILS, for the last three years makes her presence felt naturally , with  little effort. The characterization of her role is brilliant and the voice , the sense-of-character understanding will stay with you.

The team has an ubiquitous team chemistry and it stays during the duration of the drama: be it when the women are  discussing, the goon comes to take some money. Rakesh Mali, who plays the second to the goon, pulls the man down very well, which spoke of good execution.

In a scene, all the participants are sleeping on the ground, a cosy making of home environment; liked the texture of the scene.The set consists of a chair and a shop.A help or lady comes wiping the table;and a letter is shared among the ladies creates a Jane-Austenish commotion.

The team has a unique way of wearing the costume, which is uniquely ILS-ish; they use it well to create the environment in the scene; very few teams can put it o good use like ILS.

I like the scene where the woman is ranting about the education being so expensive. The ILS team stands  positively for the next round.


Writer:, Director: Sai Tamhankar

Cast:Sai Tanhankar, Rakesh Mali,Aishwarya Wakhre, Aditi Kulkarni


आसकता by B.J. Medical College

This is the story of a well established writer, actor and director; who has grown through his hard work to the position he is in now.The team settled the play well in one minute, into the sets and the director was seen shuffling and asking the actors to run and come around.

The team uses the concept of ‘play-in-a-pay’ where a protagonist is suffering from multiple personality disorder and cannot come out of it.

The set used was minimal but warm and light: like bookshelf, table, teapot, chair and a gallery. The protagonist got succes for his first play “ग्यानी”; when a reporter comes to him and the memory lingers with him; it puts him into a trance. But, when he directs his own play “Day and Night”, he is not able to get out of the character he plays Ravi. He also creates Nisha whom he is in love with,

The characterization of the protagonist was good and it did feel like , a mature-career man is handling others. The act was full of monologues, which could have been less, as it felt out from the flow of the play. The  actor is active and suddenly he would stop and start musing.

The set used was good for the execution of the play. The protagonist used the role well; but a better staying into the character could have won a better response from the audience. Best of luck!

Script: Ajinkya Vede and Shrushti Puranik, Director: Pravin Sherkhane and Mrudula Rautmare

Cast: Bhushan (Nana, Ravi), Pravin (Patrakar), Pradip (gharmalak), Mrudula (Nisha), Ajinkya (Producer), Ankita (Reporter), Saurabh (friend)