Natasamrat By Bhaskar Shewalkar

Natasamrat, originally a Marathi play script by V.V Shirwadkar, translated in Hindi by R.S. Kelkar was performed recently on 12th Aug in Telugu University auditorium.The play was brought to you by one of the eminent and senior theater artists, Prof. (Rtd.) Bhaskar Shewalkar and was sponsored by Ministry of Culture, India. Apart from being the director of this production he is also the former Head of the dept. of  theater arts, S.N. School of Performing arts, University  of Hyderabad.

Cast: sarkar-202
Vinay Varma as Samrat Singh Rathore
Saurabh Gharipurikar as Siddharth Singh Rathore
Deepti as Sharada
Aditi Sharma as Nalini Rastogi
Ahmed Quraishi as Atul Rastogi
Pallavi Verma as Kaveri Singh Rathore/Sarkar
George Rakesh Babu as Asaram
Raina Rao as Suhasini Singh Rathore
Samrat Singh Rathore as T.T
Naren Yadav as Kanahiya
Shayontoni Ghosh as Komolika
Malyaban Lahiri as Brato Purkayasch
Raviraj as Raja
B.S Prakash as Audience 1
Sanjay Ratha as Audience 2
Shivani Rai as Audience 3

sarkar-106Natasamrat which literally means the ‘king of actors’, is a story which revolves around a very famous actor, who was given the title – ‘Natasamrat’ by the audience out of their love and respect for his acting.
The character was portrayed by Vinay Verma, who was the prime factor in holding this play together both in terms of the performance and the script, complimenting him was Pallavi Verma who enacted Sarkar/ wife of Natasamrat. soft spoken dialogues also makes strong performances, is what she proves on stage with a role where she comfortably plays a character double her age.
As the play proceeds we could see multiple shades of each character. Aditi and Saurabh who played the daughter and son of Natasamrat respectively, established the difference steadily without any unwanted melodrama. Deepti who was enacting the part of daughter-in-law had a loud role to play, which she flawlessly carried all through, including the filler expression in time of another’s dialogue. Ahmed Quraishi’s (son-in-law) involvement in the play could have been better in terms of his acting. Naren Yadav as Kanhaiya was his natural self on stage and thus brought a complete different level to the play, his comical timings and expressions were impeccable. Raviraj as Raja easily matched his energy with the climax of the play, and it was his subtle acting that added to the next scenes where a strong comparison was established.
In all, the play was a very different experience, also because full length plays are not so common in Hyderabad. (at least for now). I have usually witnessed the modern theater where issues addressed are usually to our generation. While watching the play, I could relate to my parents and their side of sacrifices. Vinay Verma was quintessential as Natasamrat.
Last but not the least, Raina Rao (as Suhasini), this is for you: “You are a brilliant actor, never seen someone of your age so natural and flawless on stage”. MTC wishes you a great future and may you safe-keep your strengths with earnestness and humility.

Kudos to the Team!!
Do not miss this show if repeated in future.