Monument to Michael Jackson, review, PIFF2015

monument to michael jackson

‘This and That Production’ produced a peppy, humorous work, with a message at the end.

The story is about a town in Serbia. A man is on the brink of getting a divorce. In order to impress his wife, he gets an idea to install a bronze statue of Michael Jackson in the Square.

The artist, Marko delivered a fun-filled performance which gets your ribs tickling. The cinematography is neat.

The scenes show him riding a motor bike, taping up his room. The music is humorous; I was reminded of the word burlesque.

The scenes where the conference is going on, and the local committee is deciding whether to go on with the proposal of installing the monument could be better shot.

The drama that took place when Marco pretending to be Michael Jackson on the helicopter and waving to the public down was interesting.

Good choice for PIFF 2015!