Miya-Biwi (new Biwi is worth mentioning)

Miya-Biwi a production of Udaan performing arts, recently celebrated it’s silver jubilee (25th production) on stage at Lamakaan. A brilliant Marathi script written by Yogesh Soman and translated in Hyderabadi Hindi by Saurabh Gharipurikar.IMG_9938

This play is one of the priced productions of Udaan , which has brought many acclamation home, and always have a full house. This time it was no different, except we all got to see a new Biwi struggling for divorce this time.

Usually while reviewing a play, I am in one of the audience seat with my pen and paper, it is an altogether different experience when I am reviewing it while doing music, but as long as I feel honest about it, I am gonna proceed. So before I proceed, let me confess the music could have been better in the second show.

Miya- Biwi is directed by Krishna Shukla, and the essence of the direction was more defined, as the actors performed in the terrace of Lamakaan instead of the stage, keeping in mind the rainy season. The performance was brilliant even though they faced a constraint of space.

IMG_9959Saurabh Gharipurikar as Miya was enjoying himself on the stage and was flawless, even when he was falling with those wooden chairs in that limited space of Lamakaan’s veranda. Ekta k Hinduja as Biwi was a refreshment in the production. Her comical timing was apt, her voice loud and clear and acting perfect without unnecessary face twitches. She was just the perfect dose for the cooking chemistry.

The audience including our own team was rolling on the floors, when they discussed their movie experience and their first drive.

The movie experience was well portrayed in terms of light which was done byKrishna Shukla giving all ranges and flashes of lights It almost felt so real, had it not been for the not so good music. Dunno who played it!!!

Next time, do book your tickets in advance. Udaan being one of the active theater groups in Hyderabad keeps doing other productions which are gaining much popularity.

Stay tuned to know more!