Masaan, quiteness of Varanasi



The poster of the film says, “Masaan” ; somehow I could not relate  meaning to a funeral pyre until I saw the film.It smelled of perfume when the film started, Devi Pathak appears to be going to work but is going to hotel with her friend, where they get caught by the police making love; and the guy kills himself.

The quiteness of Varanasi in the backdrop starts to pour as the action goes on, theres’s something soulful about it.

The opening scene where the ruggedness of the police is revealed, may have caught  friends in an unlikely  act; do not have any corrective temperament or an effort to positively motivate. The script has aptly captured the attitude of the police which does not speak of healthy peacekeeping.They are also the worst counsellars.

The cinematography reveals an architecture of the city which is bliss.

The police begin to blackmail Devi and her father for money. The dad slaps his daughter because of the situation they are put into: pay 3 lakhs and an abetment to murder.

She’s sorry but doesnt acts so. She argues with her dad while the dad keeps saying all the dignity of the family is gone, what have you done, whar are you talking. The script assaults the traditional family so hard in it’s rotteness.The institution forces itself on the community and makes them take decision they feel unrresponsible for.

The judiciary is also slapped by the common man when the dad says, ” humein court kachari ke chakkar mein nahin padna hai.”

The scenes where the police keeps talking about publishing the raid video on youtube reminds me of a TED talk given by Monica Lewinsky, where she makes the case that the internet users can act as bullies.

The love which blooms between Deepak and the girl is fresh and blooming, playful and humorous. The scipt also captures the local Varanasi-Bihari lingo very well!

The song,” Tu kisi rail si” sung by Indian ocean can connect to any person in the country and send a joyful shiver, yea! Brillliant lyrics!

The games which people in Varanasi play is so innocent and heart -rendering, like the kid diving in the waters to get the coins.

The ghat and the funeral pyre point is a metaphorical point to life and death, an eternal quest. The two heart breaking love stories point me towards a film in the Apu trilogy by Satyajit Ray, where the protagonist loses his love, parents and child. Masaan is a must watch !!