International Student Competition-live action,review, PIFF2015

I made three new friends at the festival today. One was from Chennai who had come just to attend the Pune International Film Festival. He made  Pune Railway station home for his stay. The other two mentioned a poem of W. H Auden with words like, ‘dream within a dream.’ Let’s talk stories now!

Sunny, Germany

The film opens up with two people fighting, a guy is sneaking out. A baldie guy.

Hajo plays the drums and also takes care of his son. I could not pick up much of the storyline.

The cinematography was good.

Color Water, China-Beijing

One of the funniest part of the story is when he gets a blowjob and plays the clarinet at the same time. “I will blow for you and then you blow for me.” The film had good cinematography for live action.

The Kid in the Closet, Australia

A family raises a kid, by keeping him with his grandparents as the family needs to stick to the ‘’One Child Policy” of the state.

The kid witnesses a different environment when he comes out of the closet as he is looked upon as the other.

But slowly his sibling comes to accept him. A pretty lively watch!

Manorath, India

The story is inspired by Rabindranath Tagore’s, “The Postman” . A photographer talks to people from a village and makes new friends. He befriends a girl.

The story looked good for live action films.

Song we wrote, India

This was such a lively story; it imbued romance when I saw it.

A girl is dancing in a party and Jeetu, the musician-protagonist goes and introduces himself. The girl does not have the gift of hearing and speaking.

Jeetu goes around capturing sound, near the beach on the roads. I loved the story!

“I was a musician, travelling with a girl, who couldn’t hear.”.