Holi was perfomed before Diwali

Mahesh Elkunchwar’s play Holi was performed by the students of Drama department at Nehru Hall of Gujarat College.

Holi written by Mahesh ElPoster of the playkunchwar is about college – hostel life. The story is set in a typical college life and hostel life. In which a group of boys who has came from different parts of the country are staying together.  A hostel where everything was as cynical as any other hostel till something beyond cynical has happened. The play is also made into Hindi movie by Ketan Mehta and has a star cast of Amir Khan, Naseeruddin Shah and Ashutosh Gowariker.

A group of students gathers at a room to express their disappointment over not getting a holiday for Holi. What begins as a fun-filled hubbub amongst friends turns into a rebellion and then into something shocking.

This play was performed by 25 students of the drama department of the college. It was in Hindi  language. Anand is victim, who was so much harassed has accepted himself as a Sapphic. Other students used to make fun of him. The opening scene is quite temperate where they were discussing on their right on holiday on a festival of Holi. Some verbal fights happen among the students in which nephew of principal were beaten up badly.

Moreover to that the principal has called students to attend a function. In the function also, speaker of the program Bajrangi was humiliated and has the left the stage after uproar of the students.  Principal wants to know the name of the trouble makers from hostel superintendent, who has a strong link with the students. He refuses to know any by name and tells that it was by group and was not identify individually and did a favor to the students.

Meanwhile, Anand went to the principal’s office and gave a list of names of those who all were in to mischief.A still from the play

After getting the list of name Mr Bajrangi, the principal calls hostel superintendent and pass him the message that some students are suspended for a year and Ranjit is rusticated from the college. This news speared like wildfire in the college.

Innocent Anand by mistake tell this to his close friend that he should not worry as he hasn’t named him! And the revenge took place here. Ragging was not the only thing has happen to Anand but the trauma afterwards made him to commit suicide.

This is every college’s story and is so relevant with today’s college culture.

Bhaumik Trivedi, director of the play says, “This play is all made for the students and a strong message for them. This is a kind of an experimental play where set and light is all set differently. This is the first show of the play and has plans to stage it further.”

The practice session of the students were started before two months and before eight days of the d day they were doing rehearsal for 16 hours a day.  Their effort was well appreciated by the audience.

“Please stop ‘ragging’. I was speechless whenever I attend rehearsal I feel so much pain and pity. I used to cry during rehearsal feeling the pain of the victim but show must go on and I performed it without anything in mind, was complete into character.” says Prem Rathod who played lead character.

Hats off to Prem Rathod who has performed the character of Anand!

Overall good play.

Writer: Mahesh Elkunchwar

Director: Bhaumik Trivedi

Actors:    Anand Devmani, Prem Rathod, Paril Sawaliya, Avinash Ravat, Sarfaraz Ansari, Mahesh Patel, Naina Patel, Samarth Sharma, Rajan Thakar, Akash Chavda, Vishal Prajapati, Adhir Yadav, Sachin, Himanshu, Naisarg Trivedi, Dhruv Thakkar, Dhumil, Pratik, Ranna Vaiddhya, Ruchika, Lokesh Makwana, Sandeep Khatik, Mehul, and Karan Vaghela