Gangs of Wassepur 1, a review



History and filmmaking will charm you when they come together and Gangs of Wassepur is one of those rare movies.
Wassepur is a place close to Dhanwad district in Bihar now in Jharkhand. The rawest of human emotions come climbing onscreen in this interesting historical depiction. The music and script form the highpoint of the movie.’O Womaniya’ , ‘ O Womaniya’ , Sneha Khandewal’s music and Varun Grover’ s lyrics is such an achievement in the film.
The wails of Nagma giving birth to a childish like the seen-felt-ignored-suffering of the state , it breathes emotional hurt of a city.The director, Mr Anurag Kashyap is such an audacious story-teller. The local-lingo of the city is captured well , like ‘ dal me tadka layette kya’. The dialogues are witty and are punch lines in Hindi cinema. It reminds me of an interview I read of Mr. Kashyap long back, where he says,he seems to have gobbled the hindi literature in its fullness, and his command is but visible.The killing scenes remind me of an Iranian film  at PIFF this year. The actors in the film have delivered a solid punch line like Manoj Vajpayee , Pramod Pathak, Bhupesh Singh, Nazawaiduddin Siddqui.
There a scene where perpendicular is shot and called to the bed, it’s very well done, the script and execution part.
I really want to know under what conditions the movie was shot, a fast paced story.The local gestures picked up in the film is typical of Bihar.
The film is a creation if a complex mind unfolding stories of an era; the director !The performances are memorable and they get into the skin if the Bihari culture.The clime of the space is captured well.The sweat, muck and stink will stay with will be back.