Bombay Velvet, a review

imageThe ruggedness of a trailer which has Ranbir Kapoor running across a shipyard has stayed with me for quite sometime and it got vent in ‘Bombay Velvet’.A technical brilliance is staring at you if you see any bit of the movie, a new found charm of bollywood , a culminating of experimental cinema.

Johnny Balraj is an underdog who climbs his way up doing crimes and fighting in the boxing ring in Mumbai.
I enjoyed the music of the film like a delicious dish and it was  a charm -coated-film.I feel the expanse of one film was not enough for the director to speak his mind, that’s why the Rosie singing part is quite accentuated in the film.I am waiting for the director’s next film. But inveritably it’s a good make, and an ambitious work such as this is good for Indian cinema. It makes Indian cinema audacious in approaching topics and approaches to showing stories.
A film like Bombay Velvet may take time to sink in.Also a film is sometimes a trigger to watching another set of films. The NewYork Times says, Bombay Velevt is an ‘ode to the American ganster’ but hasn’t the director  paid an ode to the American gangsters already with his ‘Gangs of Wassepur’ film and has already left contemporary filmmakers of Bollywood behind.

Bombay Velvet is an ode to the technical infrastructure of Bollywood to chisel out such a work of art!

Go watch Bombay Velvet!