Avayava 2015, Contemporary Dance Workshop, Day 2

Richard Causer (11:30 am to 1 pm)

Richard did the same sequence as in the first day of the workshop giving time to the class to absorb the information. He did the crawling sequence as part of the floorwork preparation. And also the running sequence which was a travelling sequence at high speed. You may not be surprised to see people runnig at high speed in the city or doing Spider-Man crawls inspired by the workshop.

Tomas Danielis (11:30 am to 1 pm )

Tomas took the class to another level of sensitivity asking the class to touch just the joints of the body and let the partner respond. So the touch went to the neck, the shoulders, the elbow joint, wrist, finger, hip, knees and toes.

He also cleared common  misunderstandings about movement of the shoulders. After the movement was complete the partner just stood back and watched the partner move to the earlier stimuli in a dance.This is one of the best technique of Contact Improvisation I have witnessed so far. The technique could create microscopic movements of awareness; pure science. The contact  improved among the student at the end of the class!

Noam Eidelman (2pm to 3:30 pm )

Like yesterday, the  Gaga technique took the class to slow movements to open up the pent up areas and bring a flow and a let go. Noam used the same symbolism as yesterday’s class and it was equally effective.

Noam Eidelman (4pm to5:30pm)

‘Holding a camera position’ turning backwards, chopping your head with your hands, and facing the wall again. Then the power packed thrusts where you dance like shooting canon balls out of your pelvic ; and you close it by acting like closing the window and the banging of the head on the wall facing you; welcome to a full- fledged-batsheva-repertory .

The routine had really simple and small  movements which Noam asked the class to repeat again and again until the class burst into a tumult of energy, passion and a dancing-insanity. The routine felt like a  creation of a dance company!