International Student Competition-Animation,review, PIFF2015

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PIFF 2015’s brewing stories, after an illustrious opening; the festival kicked off with the opening film ,  “Timbuktu” made by Abderrahmane Sissako, a filmmaker from Sub-Saharan African region. The film just got selected to “Best Foreign Film Category” for the Oscars.

Mythopolis, Czech Republic

A kid is playing with snakes and weird-mythological-alien- beings take form, and change with one another to give an impression of illusion. It was a good watch.


Sleeping with the Fishes, UK

It is the story of a lady who owns a fish-shop; and it’s the part of her job to cut, clean and dress fishes.

She begins to dream she is swimming and playing with them in her bath. People come to visit her shop.

In one of the scenes she cuts her finger and goes to a doctor. There are birds and bees flying, it’s a good make.

The fishes are her life. It’s a cute film.

Harald, Germany

Harald is the story of a wrestler who goes on to win many tournaments. He has a flower which he totally loves. His mom forces him to win tournaments by holding the flower hostage.

I loved the music, and it’s a good make.


The Skin Factory, Austrilia

The Skin Factory is the story of a juggler, who remembers his past career.

He slowly goes to his box and takes out a number of balls. He is playing with them and then he take out a newspaper and reads the headline “the circus is forced to close. Animals vanish.” He feels nostalgia. The animated film created the environment well.

Fisker, Belgium

Fisker had doves flying across, coming, going and staring around. It was an interesting make.

Mirvattes Closet, Lebanon

Ha Ha, this a semi-animated film , where clothes in a closet have an amazing day, a society of their own, where they get out , dance, groom themselves, and take part in frivolity.

The Arabic music is like amazing. There are clothes in a cupboard, they become animated, take roles of personality. There are clothes in a cupboard, taking roles, talking-long, playing, and clothes walking up and down.

A dress is dreaming, watching. This film is brilliant.

The Awakening, Slovakia

The Awakening has a brilliant noir setting.

It’s the story of a mother wolf, who gets trapped in a cage and later gets caught by the hunters, while saving her baby from a cage-paw.

The film has graphic scenes of a wolf being skinned. The wolves on screen look like a painting.

The skin of the wolf is peeled off, the baby comes out and the skin is back.

It raises serious questions on animal rights and it’s a brilliant work from Slovakia.