AAMNE-SAAMNE (2 short plays) by Sutradhar

Promoted on social Media as Face off, Aamne Saamne directed by Vinay Varma was staged on 4th and 5th June by Sutradhar at Lamakaan. Unlike other productions this play is a new one and seeing it’s initial days of staging.IMG_3485 - CopyIt’s hard to unwind your preconceived awe notions with a group/person and review the act in a new light, but I am gonna try my best here.

IMG_3707 - CopyThe first play was” The Stronger” written by August Strindberg, a swedish playwright. As the ambience music slowly faded and merged into the music of the play and the lights marked the beginning, we could see Maya acted by Sandhya Raju on the stage with a newspaper.

Its a debatable subject, when you compare acting with dialogues against acting without dialogues.My personal opinion is, an actor who is performing without dialogues has to do much more research on their script in order to emote things right and send across the message. In other words the dialogues should be resonating in one’s eyes and that’s not an easy task. Sandhya Raju did a splendid job on stage the way she was mocking, pausing, showing her superiority, feeling low and listening to Deepti. And why not, who can emote better than a dancer. Though her character was entirely silent, she was heard.

Deepti as usual was soaked in drama and blooming in radiance as she walked around the stage demanded attention, even though when she was acting those wanna be type character. The shady look, the cruel look, the insecured look, confused look. too many looks I  say all distinct clear and crisp made the play vibrant.Deepti I know that u know that the accent was lost.. Also we felt, the pink panther piece on chameli sandals was a bit stretched.

I wonder whether Maya was an alter ego of Deepti’s character, who lost when she wanted to, who mocked when she thought it is mocking. Her actions were a mirror image of Deepti’s feelings. Was she really a Maya? was she stronger than a person Maya or stronger than her alter ego that day,and may be her fight actually never ended.

The second play is a very famous script Maranoprant written by Surendra Varma. Maran- oparant literally means “after the death”

IMG_3868 - Copya woman’ s emotion is like an ocean, where in there is every opportunity of getting messed up in her own ways.

The nature of one’s nature is a creation of nature itself and maybe our books of rule seldom fails to reason it out well.The play is based on one such “no place in our rules book issues”. The meeting of a woman’s husband and her lover after death. (ps:When I say husband, that doesn’t mean that he is an antonym of the word lover).

I have read this script before once. So it was like watching a known story getting unfolded in front of my eyes. To be honest I would have wanted to say that I liked it, but this time I will differ.Saurabh Gharipurikar as the woman’s husband convinced me that he is mourning.His tired sunken eyes and unkempt hair suggested that even though in a meeting where on a usual day, he would have like to show his superiority he did not made any such effort. his anxiousness to know more about his wife thoughts from her lover came out a bit rehearsed and not prompt. Rest of it where he expresses his sudden realization of his wife’s extra-marital affair and asking bitterly about his existence, feeling confused whether his mourning has no meaning after all, was felt by the audience. I can confirm it as I saw one lady dabbing the corner of her eye with her hanky.

Naren Yadav as the lover could have done better, his businessman attitude came out alright. his tone was less suggestive of guilt or remorse and more of a mechanical voice with a hint of emotion.HIs body was a bit stiff and thus gave an impression of being uncomfortable.The little pauses and the stare in the air  was blank and without any intensity which was confusing.(Education time: When an actor stare at air at 45 degree angle, they don’t search for dialogues, they as in the character are either thinking or portraying the moment of nostalgia.) His announcement to his lover’s husband that they were thinking of marriage came out very dry. Sourabh’s look s and stare were connecting those missing fragments.  Both the actors have time and again proved their potential in other productions. The audience believe that there best is not just yet this.