Foot tapping Global Gujarati Music Album by Rushi Vakil

Rushi Vakil

Rushi Vakil

It is so common for a music composer to have a dream of creating something unique, something which creates buzz in the mind for a long time. And one morething is that must be in own language. Music is universal and at the same time it is complex when comes to regional music. Especially in Gujarat it is very limited. When we think for Gujarati music, we can’t think beyond Garba, typical songs from Bhavai, folk songs and Sugam Sangeet. Till date whatever has made particular in the world of Gujarati Music is the same from the years, no experiments have been made. Same tune, rhythms with some where exception of some pop and rap songs.

For many of youngsters music is to play a guitar and pose them as a rebellion to bring change in the society. Not bad at all. Meet 28 year old young Gujarati music composer Rushi Vakil and listen to his composition, you will surely astonished by his compositions. Not only that but for a long time you will keep thinking what you have heard! Name of his album is ‘Click Kar’ and is clicking the minds. Seven different genres of world music in 50 minutes music album are sung by local, national and international singers. The reason behind using all genres in one music album is to attract Gujaratiyouth for Gujarati Music, now the compositions in different genres are more alluring to the youth.

Click Kar – album

Rushi Vakil says, “Each song is of a different genre. There is opera, jazz, rap, country, trance, soft rock and Sufi songs in my album. This album is contemporary Gujarati world Music as the album as the singers is not only regional but established Bollywood signers and international signers have given their voice to Gujarati Music album and has sung Gujarati lyrics”.

Gujarati Opera!!! Yes and that too by multilingual talented Canadian singer Natalie Di Luccio. Natalie who is working with A R Rahman and has already voiced for few Hindi Movie songs. It is Opera Prarthna “Prabhu Tu Che”. Another is a Sufi track sung by Bollywood Javed Ali “Rang Safa”. There is trance version by Indo- Canadian Shweta Subram “Ghar Maru”. Foot taping jazz sung by Mirande Shah is “Tari Ne Mari Sathe”. A Rap song is written and sung by RJ Dhvnit is a satire on young generation, “Adko Dadko, Dahino Dadko”. A powerful country song is sung by Parth Oza is “Rehva De ne, Bas have. There is a soothing soft rock “Aa Shu Che” voiced by Aniket Khandekar.

All these songs vary form each other as they have different music genres. And what to say about the audience, they are loving it.

Rushi Vakil's Music album 'Click Kar'

Rushi Vakil’s Music album ‘Click Kar’

Rushi says, “All are friends who have voiced in my album, we are working together since long. We have met at different places during performances of my world fusion music band Taan and contemporary table ensemble Talavya. For me the importance of the album is to give Gujarati audience ‘the music with global touch in regional language’. It took two years to make this album and I feel extreme satisfaction when see youth murmuring to my songs. It has clicked the audience for who i created. ”

This Gujarati Global music has artists from America, Canada, Russia and German. Apart from two Canadian singers, American percussionist Vincent Smith, Russian guitarist Misha Fatkiev and a German cello player have also worked in this album and recordings were done in New Jersey stud

Rushi Vakil

Rushi Vakil

io and Mumbai’s Octavius studio.

The album is made with hope that this sound of music will bring revolution in Gujarati music lovers and makers. Truly Glocal Che Bhai

Rushi Vakil

This young Gujarati Music Composer has 25 years of music learning career. Son of world renowned Tabla Guru Pt Divyang Vakil, Rushi has inherited music by birth. Apart from table player, Rushi is master in playing keyboard, mouth organ and other percussion instruments. His journey as a music composer began at the age of 13 with this first music album Little Fingers.  He has his own world fusion music group Taan. He has a long way to go.