Chankya Vyas’s subtle play – ‘Prelude’

From where did it begin? When you have learnt and digested some strong view and have mindset for it, after some years you realized from where did it began? You are not like this; this is not what you believe?

Written and directed by ChanakyVivek Vijayakumaran looking back into the pasta Vyas, ‘Prelude’ is a play set in Vadodara city, is a journey of an individual who introspect himself and asks where did it begin? In this monologue, the character is a symbol of everyone, every individual who have blindly followed some customs, rituals, beliefs and accepted it. This play was performed at Rangmandal, where the audience was spellbound with the play as it connects every individual.

Prelude – the play

Mukund Desai the character confronts himself tracing his journey from childhood to adulthood. At a point of time, he is left alone to ask some questions to himself. He is searching an answer of certain things that have shaped his views and a tragic journey whose past is filled with violent circumstances and tragedies.

The play shows hypocrisy of a middle class and having bias on some community saying, “They are violent because they eat meat.” There start communal difference and bias.  Mukund Desai, a single parent child is taught high values of religion, taught morals and ethics based on food and clothes and community.

The play depicts a journey of a man from introspection to hypocrisy, with changes in location, from a school boy to manger in metro city there is change in mood and opinion in the character. Mukund called off is friendship with his friend after communal tension in the city, then after he never looked back to him till he comes back to the city for his marriage. He fights with his mother for teaching him the things which does not really exist.Vivek Vijayakumaran

The play shows mirror to the audience and leaves magnetic effect ‘from where did it begin?’

Actor Vivek Vijayakumaran has performed the character of Mukund Govind Desai, leaves an impression for a long time in the audience’s mind for introspection. The script and immense effect and also the performance are controlling the audience. Sixteen shows are performed across cities of India of the bilingual (English – Hindi) show, just the journey began of the show.

While asking the director why choose this particular subject for the play, Chanakya Vyas says “My journey with this play has been more about understanding issues like identity, hypocrisy and the need to reflect on things happening around us that we conveniently forget. So, for me the topic/theme is more about finding the conflict and dramatic points in our day-to-day living and how that also defines the society that we inhabit. The thing that has excited me the most while writing this play is the complex nature of human beings and how we react in different situations, our notions, prejudices and the need to put up. Mukund Desai, the character in the play is someone who has been sculpted in the rehearsal space with Vivek (actor) and we add different layers to this character every time we get back to rehearsals. But in the end, it is just the need to tell something that i feel strongly about as a playwright and director.”

Overall good play.

Director : Chanakya Vyas

Writer : Chanakya Vyas

Cast : Vivek Vijayakumaran

Lights : Miranjan Gokhale

Sound : Aayush Gupta

Photo credits : Virginia Rodrgiues