Royal Enfield’s Tour of Nepal

Royal Enfield this October takes you to a ride on the Himalayas:Nepal.

This is what they say:”Nepal is a place that traverses the boundary between Heaven and Earth. It is one of the richest countries in the world, in terms of bio-diversity due to its unique geographical position and variation in altitude.

Join us on the third edition of the Royal Enfield Tour of Nepal; where Royal Enfield rides into the land of the mystical Buddha and the brave Gurkha warriors.

The ride goes across the border for the 14 day Tour of Nepal this October. Travelling across some of the most scenic mountains forming the famous Annapurna ranges, the ride also takes you to Jomsom, which until recently was just a trekking trail. This ride has it all, winding mountain roads, slushy off-road trails and straight stretches through some of the most pristine forests, and is bound to satisfy every rider.”


Where: Nepal

When: 5th -19th October (Last day of Registration 30th Sept)




Taking the straight road home #Debring #RoyalEnfield #HO2014 #RELadakh

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