Rain in July brings Aladdin for children

imageIts pouring children theatre, with the successful run of stories from ‘Mansarovar’ , Swatantra Theatre Productions brings you ‘Aladdin in Mumbai.’

The play invites children to come experience Aladdin in Mumbai. The trio (Aladin, Jinie and Abu) make the city a magical environment with their video-gamish gestures and surely a creation to remember.

They try to find their way in the film capital of the country; heavy traffic and the populace adds to their woes.

Aladdin has been a famous cartoon character who with  Abu, explore the streets of Arabia. They go through lots of adventure and danger and overcome it with their innocence and instincts.

The play opens  to a scene in Arabia where Jenie is introduced as a fatherly figure and Jasmine a friend.

Zaffar (Prashant Singh)and Lagusta (Shreyas Heblikar) have evil motives and hatch plans to trap Aladdin and Abu.  Will Aladdin reach his homeland safely ?

Come watch the play , as it unfolds beautifully!

See the theme song of “Arabian Nights” which used to feature of DD National.



Photo Credit: Deepak Sinha

Photo Credit: Deepak Sinha


Costume ,Poster:Debashree Chakarobarty

Lights: Bikrom Barkakoty

Music: Dhanashree Heblikar and Sawan Badgujar

Script: Pawan Kulkarni and Anuraag Sharma

Associate Director:Abhijeet Choudhary

Concept, Co-Director: Dhanashree Heblikar

Direction,Design: Mahadev Singh Lakhawat (National School of Drama)

Cast: Aditya Singhal, Prashant Singh, Prem Gowda, Nizam Shaikh, Shreyas Heblikar, Riddhima Pande, Niyamat Sangha, Payal Kawale, Tushar More

Where: Pandit JawaharLal Nehru Auditorium, Ghole Road, off J.M. Road

When: 4 th July

Time: 7:15 pm

Tickets: Book My Show or call 9767178857