Pune’s first site-specific theatre

Sultana Daku rehearsals Photo Credit: Deepak Sinha

Sultana Dakoo rehearsals, Photo Credit: Deepak Sinha

A lot is happening in theatre but hardly anyone noticed that  internal collaborations between theatre groups rarely happen. Also, to touch upon the factors of finance, actors, theatre bookings ;Dr. Ajay Joshi has curated two site-specific theatre pieces with Akanksha Rangabhoomi and Swatantra Theatre to a zero budget.

” I chose two promising theatre groups in Pune, which have been consistently doing theatre in Pune for the past two decades or so- Akanksha Rangabhoomi headed by Sagar Loadhi and ‘ Swatantra Theatre’ headed by Abhijit Chaudhari and Dhanashree Heblikar (supported by Yuvraj Shah.)These two groups belong to a completely different cultural orientation, Philosophy and ideology. Their actor training methodologies are distinctly seperated, which highlight in the productions they churn up. Thus the choice of these two groups,” says Dr. Joshi in his concept note.

Even My Theatre Cafe feels that collaborations form an important part in the play making process. But, really there has been little collaborations happening in the city. The Company Theatre works closely with Adi Shakti and does have collaborations at Kamshet. Shapeshift Collective and the Company Theatre work together.

The objective of the collaboration is of artistic exchange. The process followed steps like :the principal director of one group works with the other group, in his own style, making a site-specific performance and the technical requirement remains bare minimum. The time limit is framed at 75 minutes. An interesting step is that the second director will create a piece of 15 minutes , before the main show.

Do catch up with theses two performances.

Cast of ‘Holi’: Ashish, Saavankumar Badgujar, Vivekanand, Ashvin, Visvajeet, Aditya, Swapnil,Vijay Nikam, Vijay Ghaytadak, Needhi Bhomik, Payal, Anshul, Roshankumar, Ritesh Anand, Ranjit Thakur

Name of Play: Holi

Where: Swantantra theatre Campus, Jain Hostel, BMCC road

Playwright: Mahesh Elkunchwar.

When: 8 th June 2016

Time: 6:45 pm

Language: Hindi, Marathi


Name of Play: Sultana Dakoo

Where: Akanksha Rangabhoomi campus, Vanadevi Temple Premises, Karve road.

Playwright– By the group

When: 9 th June 2016

Time:  Akanksha Rangabhoomi campus, Vanadevi Temple Premises, Karve road.

Two platform performances:

Jamir Shaikh and Dhanashree Hebliker.

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P.S : You could read the concept note by Dr. Ajay Joshi here. It is being proofread at the moment.