Preview: Deewar Mein Ek Khirkee Rahati Thi

Deewar Mein Ek Khirkee Rahati Thi
Maharashtra Cultural Center brings to you a restaging of the yesteryear classic, ‘Deewar Mein Ek Khirkee Rahati Thi‘, written by Mohan Maharishi and directed by Sanjay More Thakur.

Cast: Sanjay More Thakur, Pramitee Narke, Akshay Shimpi, Shivam Parekh, Mahendra Walunj, Ramaa Nadgauda, Varun Agarwal with Yosha, Khushi, Chaitra, Sakshi, Prateek and Omprakash Shinde

Lights: Sachin Lele

Sound: Umakant Jagtap

On 4th May @ 7.30pm

At Jyotsna Bhole Sabhagruha, Hirabaug, Pune.

For more details & advance booking, contact: 7709792249, 9860944327, 9890837009

The play is based on Sahitya Akademi award winning novel ‘Deewar Mein Ek Khirkee Rahati Thi‘ (Best work in Hindi, 1999) by Vinod Kumar Shukla. His writing is most famously known for its simplistic yet highly imaginative and charming style with touches of Magical Realism elements, without getting immersed into the genre. He was a poet too, in fact his poems were published first in 1971, and his first novel ‘Naukar Ki Kameez‘ was published in 1979. National Award winning director and an influential figure of Indian Parallel Cinema, Mani Kaul went on to make a film on ‘Naukar Ki Kameez‘. It has also been said that if you wish to experience Chhattisgarh in the truest sense, then you should read Vinod Kumar Shukla’s another novel ‘Khilega to Dekhenge‘. Vinod Kumar Shukla is considered a prominent figure in Modern Hindi Literature, and ‘Deewar Mein..‘ is widely termed as his best work till date.

The novel was first adapted for the stage and directed by one of the most eminent theatre personalities in India, ex-NSD director Mohan Maharishi. Widely regarded as one of the best directors Indian Theatre has ever produced, he is famous for revolutionary plays like ‘Einstein‘, ‘Raja Ki Rasoi‘, ‘Saanp Seedhi‘, ‘Ashadh Ka Ek Din‘, etc. His notable plays as a playwright include ‘Joseph ka Mukadama‘, ‘Ho Rahega Kuchh Na Kuchh‘ and ‘Deewar Mein Ek Khirkee Rahati Thi‘. In 1993 he was conferred the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award by the President of India. He is a complete theatre personality, donning various roles such as writer, director, designer, producer and even actor, with versatility. His approach has always been simplistic yet very theatrically sound, evident in all of his heartwarming productions.

Director of the play Sanjay More Thakur is an FTII graduate of Acting. He has acted in as well as directed several short films and a few experimental plays. Under the direction of Mohan Maharishi, he played the protagonist of ‘Deewar Mein..last year when it was staged with the help of FTII. He is reprising the same role again, as well as directing the new cast for this play, as except Sanjay, Shivam Parekh and the children, the whole cast is new. He has tried to add his own touch to the play without disturbing the particular mark set by Mohan Maharishi. Sanjay is the founder of the open drama group ‘Rangdrishti‘ which aims to explore art as a medium of expressing yourself and currently focusing on theatre as more than a performing arts’ medium.

Last year, I was one of the lucky ones to be able to witness this forever classic and magical play about the simply epic life of an average middle class teacher. It did put quite an impression on me, also added in my understanding of theatre as a medium of storytelling. And with the kind of content that ‘Deewar Mein..‘ has, everyday is a fresh exploration of the subtext this wonderful novel has. Written with magical sense of day-to-day objects, witty wordplay and a beautiful, profound base for each and every dialogue, ‘Deewar Mein..’ is a must watch for persons of absolutely every age group. It has one of the best blending of Shrungaar ras, Adbhut ras and Hasya ras of Natyashastra. After witnessing the stage adaptation by Mohan Maharishi, Vinod Kumar Shukla overwhelming said,”The novel is my work, but the play is entirely Mohan Maharishi’s original work. He has brought forward his own exploration and meaning.” Yes, it is one of the best theatrical adaptations of a novel, that I have ever seen. Needless to say, it is one of my personal favourites.

More about ‘Deewar Mein..‘, Mani Kaul wanted to adapt it for the screen and in fact had initiated the process with the help of NFDC and Anurag Kashyap, until his demise in 2011. Now, Anurag Kashyap has determined to complete Mani Kaul’s unfinished projects.

So, here is your chance to catch one of the best pieces of Hindi literature unfold right before your eyes, with more intimacy and more closeness before it comes back on the blurry and little less alive screen.

Trust me, this is a treat to all you theatre lovers and you don’t want to miss out on this wonderful experience.