One Venue, One Date, One Time – THREE Power Packed Events @ Pune

नाटक, कविता, गाणी आणि फिल्म यांचा एकत्रित ३ तासांचा एक “POWER PACKED” कार्यक्रम !!

1. स्क्वेअर वनKattaOnTheRocks
(अनेक करंडक विजेती धमाल विनोदी एकांकिका)

2. Weighing Scale
(“आपल्या” जनरेशनची अनोखी शॉर्ट फिल्म)

3. कट्टा On The Rocks
(एक आगळावेगळा काव्य-नाट्याविष्कार)

दिनांक: रविवार, २२ जून २०१४
वेळ: सायंकाळी ५ ते ८
स्थळ: लोकशाहीर आण्णा भाऊ साठे सभागृह, सातारा रोड, पद्मावती, पुणे.

तिकीट दर: १५० रु. आणि १२० रु. फक्त

तिकिटांसाठी संपर्क:
अमित सावंत – ९६७३९७९९९१ | श्रेयश गंगशेट्टीवार – ९८६०३६५३५८

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Katta – On the Rocks
When office and work start getting to you, it is your creativity that comes calling and takes you back to the things that you love doing the most. This is what has happened with a group of corporate professionals who gave up their love for theater after they started working. These creative talents have come together for Katta – On the Rocks.

Many of these performers have acted in plays and participated in inter-collegiate level competitions. But nowadays, no one has the time to explore their creative side. Many of them write poetry and blogs and have wanted to do something about these writings that cover many issues, ranging from college to international politics, just like a Katta – a space where friends come together. Generally, dramas have a specific format, but this is an exception to the rule. It’s a power-packed performance that includes drama, poetry, dance, chit-chat and much more.

Artists: Kashyap Deshpande, Niranajan Parandkar, Mayuresh Joshi, Akshara Raut and Amit Savargaonkar
Writer: Kashyap Deshpande, Mayuresh Joshi, Nandita Kelkar, Mayura Gaikwad, Niranjan Parandkar and Amit Savargaonkar
Original concept: Rohit Bhopatkar and Kashyap Deshpande
Director: All artists
Lights: Onkar Bhosekar
Music: Mayuresh Joshi, Amruta-Kedar
Dance: Dhanashree Deshmukh and Swapnil Londhe

Square One – One-act play
The argument that our youth is fascinated with migrating to the USA or any other country and India suffers due to ‘brain drain’ is absolutely baseless. What about the people who remain here? Are their contributions appreciated? Why are these non-issues even considered in the first place? All these elements are woven into a comedy and presented in an usual way that lets people thoroughly enjoy this topic.

Artists: Pratik Katekar, Niranjan Parandkar, Swapnil Londhe and Amit Savargaonkar
Writer: Kashyap Deshpande
Director: Swapnil Kore
Lights: Shardul Mohite, Sachin Lele
Music: Amit Sawant, Avinil Bedarkar
Backstage: Soumitra Patole

Weighing Scale – Short film
This short film is about the so-called crisis of life that a normal working youngster faces. The film starts off with the issue of increasing body weight and then goes on to the issues that a person faces. These include being ignored in family life and stressed relations with spouse, to name a few. It is not the load that breaks you down, but the way you carry it.

Artists: Devendra Joshi, Manasi Kanetkar, Mandar Gore, Amruta Wagh-Joshi, Mayuresh Joshi, Pranav Manurkar, Aditya Kulkarni and Swapnil Kore
Writer, Director, Lyrics and Music Direction: Mayuresh Joshi
Produced By: Pineapple Expressions Studio
Producer: Pranav Manurkar and Amit Savargaonkar