LTP Theatre Nights presents a gibberish play: The Balancing Act




Gibberish in performance and theatre exercises, has done immense to push the boundaries of theatre. Words are meaningful to the audience, but isn’t gibberish a part of our voice and emotions since childhood. A whole new world of gibberish, gives us a universe of clowns, improvisation, live theatre, shifting of locus from artists to audience.

IAPAR (International Association For Performing Arts and Research) brings the  play, “The Balancing Act” in two shows at Lost the Plot, Pune and Maharastra’s only rooftop cinema.

Lost The Plot has increased it’s theatre performance under the “Theatre Nights”; last we saw the kid’s workshop at the venue and before that a play reading of ” The Case of Mistaken Identity.” Also, the initiative is a good ground for interaction of cinema and theatre, and holds for the audience to see what comes out.The last gibberish play, I saw in the city; infact Hindi gibberish was “Khwaab Sa” (direction Atul Kumar)and before that “Nothing Like Lear (direction Rajat kapoor)”

About the Play:

The youth see violence almost everywhere, which starts in their ride or walk to school. A simple act like crossing a road has become stressful. Add to the woe, studies and the unfriendly pedagogies, peer pressure , tuition, nuclear family. Uff!the child may not be the future of man.

In the end children come home, with both parents having no time for them; they sit and watch cartoon which celebrate violence.What would be the life of a young person who is going through or gone through such a violent atmosphere? What kind of imagination and ideas such mind would evolve? What could be the repercussions of such bringing up? Can we at least look at the emotional needs and life of such young people? Can we equip young people to deal with such scenario?

The play tries to respond to some these questions!

Do go for the show and push the frontiers of the gibberish; elf-like language today!



Cast: Aditi Venkateshwaran,Anushka Vaze,Nikhil Gadgil,Amrut Samak,Rujuta Soman

Music: Sameer Dublay

Direction:Vidyanidhee Vanarase (Prasad)



Where: Lost The Plot, Seasons Hotel Rooftop, Aundh

When:  12th May 2017, Friday, 6:30 pm and 9 pm (two shows)


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