LTP Theatre Nights Present: The Ripples

Education system has been the topic of plays like “50 Paike 47 Phakta” and ” Socrates last Wish”, where demanding education system takes the toll on a student’.

Some plays question the teaching methodolgy, some the education system as a whole. “Socrates Last Wish” by the late MoonBeam Factory Theatre also talked about education. Even the works of the Austrian-German philosopher Wittgenstein had inquiries on education citing methods of St.Francis of Assisi.Ripples yet again comes to tell us about the innovative methods of teaching; or education contradicting education.

“An unusual teacher spends time in a village classroom, leading five children to internalise their learning and to contemplate themselves. Its strongest merit is that it lays out this endeavour in a manner that is intelligent and creative..”…Mumbai theatre Guide.”The play, after all, does make a fine point about language being the repository of knowledge. Words can be inspiring.”

It is a sad fact that our education system is almost, always about marks and grades. The fortunate few among us may recall a more sensitive teacher or mentor. The unfortunate among us may even be scathed for life. This is what the play tries to question ?

It’s nice to see Lost The Plot bring about plays around children like “The Balancing Act” and “The Case of Mistaken Identity” and now “The Ripples.”

Do go for it and spread  the word.The play is by “The Blind and the Elephant” theatre group from Mumbai!
Direction : Gerish Khemani
Writer : Harsh Desai and Gerish Khemani
Cast : Nitin Bhajan, Arjun Radhakrishnan, Varun Vazir, Heena Sharma, Nikhil Modak, Chirag Lobo and Bharka Fatnani

Where: Lost The Plot, Seasons Hotel

When: 16th June 2017

Time: 8:30pm  onwards

Entry :300

Contact: 91-8308174419

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