Live performances are the best

vidya-raoVidya Rao is a performer of thumri-dadra and ghazal. Vidya Rao has worked for over 30 years as an editor with Orient Blackswan Publishers; she now works with them part time as an editorial consultant.

Kabuliwaala Kamal Pruthi in a rapid fire round with Vidya Rao on her journey into the publishing industry, her current projects, her views on current state of writings on music et al.

Share your untold story and journey into the publishing World.

No untold story. I like reading. Being an editor helps me stay in touch with new work– non-fiction and fiction.

What are you currently working on?

I’m busy with a lot of things… Apart from my work at Orient Blackswan, I also have several projects of my own. These include research and writing on music, teaching, and performances.

You have sung for dance, films and theatre. What platform has been most satisfying?

Live performances are the best, followed by working in theatre.

What is the current state of writings on music?

As with everything, there is some excellent academic work being done now, and there’s also some very mediocre stuff!

What message would you like to convey through Publishing Next 2016?

Only one message– everything we do– including publishing– is our way of giving back to the world for the gift of life.

What is your opinion about events like Publishing Next?

It is always a good idea to meet each other, share ideas, and solve problems….


Publishing Next is an annual gathering of publishers, authors, editors, translators, librarians, book retailers, printers, technologists, service providers and policymakers from all over India and abroad. The event is organized by Goa-based CinnamonTeal Publishing, since 2011.

Dates: 15th 16th 17th September 2015

Venue: Kochi, Kerala