Jashn-e- Maazi Theatre Festival | March 17 to April 2 | 17 Plays | Starring Tom Alter

Jashn-e-Maazi:- conceptualized to trace the history of theatre, takes place from 17th March  to 2nd April  in Mumbai at Y B Chavan Centre, Nariman point.There will be two shows everyday at 6:00 pm amd 9:00 pm.
The festival has 17 plays in total and seeks to celebrate both ‘history’ and ‘histronics.’ It’s probably an attempt to record history from Mahabharata, Mughals and Modern. times.The cast includes noted artists like:  Mallika Sarabhai ,Sudhir Pandey  and Tom Alter. 
Jashn-e-Mazi comprises 17 plays. Interesting Tom Alter goes to play the roles of Karn, Upagupta, Bahadur Shah Zafar, Ghalib, Tagore, Gandhi Ji, Maulana Azad, Sahir Ludhivanvi and many more. The Indian languages of Hindi, Hindustani, Urdu and English are celebrated.
The following is the schedule:
Trisanga, March 17an amalgamation of Music, Drama and Poetry.
Three Short plays, March 18Karn Kunti Samvaad, Abhisaar & –  The Last Annals of Alamgir
Three Short Plays,March 18,  Safar-e-Shaayrifrom Mir to Nida Fazli
March 19, musical recitation of Ghazals and Nazms of 34 great poets.
Lal Qile Ka Aakhri Mushaira, March 20, a poetic play set in 1851 at the Lal Qila. It brings all the poets of the era from Zafar to Ghalib.
Raja Nahar Singh, March 21, set in 1857, it deals with the trials of legendary Jat leader Raja Nahar Singh of Haryana 
Ghalib Ke Khat,March 22  : a  unique look at the life of Ghalib, through the letters he wrote to his shaagirds, and through the eyes of his wife:
Babur Ki Aulaad ,March 23 : a unique visit to Bahadur Shah Zafar in his last days in Rangoon by a Bengali historian from today’s Delhi:
Ghalib,March 24: the story of Ghalib’s life, as told by Ghalib himself:
K L Saigal,March 25 :   a wonderful look into the life and times of Hindi cinema’s first superstar:
With Love ,March 26 :a deep look at the life and art of the great writer, Tagore – through poetry, drama, dance, and music:
A Memoir of the Future,March 27 :deals with the life and times of Wilfred Bion, world renown psychoanalyst:
Teesveen Shatabdi ,March 28 :a scathing look at the nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki:
Dozakhnama,March 29:based on the Manto and Ghalib talking to each other from their graves:
Maulana Azad ,March 30:deals with the life, times and scholarship of Maulana Azad:
Saahir – A Tribute :March 31: showcases the life and times of the legendary poet:
Mumbai Central (April 1) :takes a look at Mumbai city, the Hindi film industry, and the last 42 years:
Yadi (April 2)  :about Yadi Gandhiji nahin marte “ – a question for the ages – an emotional, timeless look at the lives and beliefs of Gandhiji and Godse.
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Ticket Price:

Rs 1000/700/500/300/200
Current Booking: bookings start from March 12
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M SAYEED ALAM:91 9810255291, Sayeedalam@ymail.com
PRIYESHA NAIR:91 7700979611, priyeshaknair@gmail.com
TOM ALTER :011 23090849, kkalsi1@rediffmail.com