Gyaan Adab brings out “War and Literature” edition of Gyaan Kitab

Gyaan Adab has played a pivotal role in surging the literature and Indian performing arts performance, conception and discussion in the city. With ever new programs and collaborations, it has been offering the city a pristine taste of local and world literature. Some years back , Punekars could only go to Max Mueller Bhavan, Alliance Francaise, British Council and the Bhandarkar Institute to search literature.

The centre launches it’s newest edition called “War and Literature of it’s online website of books called “Gyaan Kitab.”

I am reminded of the following poem by Rabindranath Tagore, on mention of war:

(A soldier had sent this poem back home)

“When I go from hence
let this be my parting word,
that what I have seen is unsurpassable.

I have tasted of the hidden honey of this lotus
that expands on the ocean of light,
and thus am I blessed
—let this be my parting word.

In this playhouse of infinite forms
I have had my play
and here have I caught sight of him that is formless.

My whole body and my limbs
have thrilled with his touch who is beyond touch;
and if the end comes here, let it come
—let this be my parting word.”

About Gyaan Kitab

Gyaan Kitaab is an online website for books which introduce literature in a stimulating way. Each issue celebrates  literature through a select range of books. The first issue “Looking Back”, explored the theme of history, both personal as well as collective and with featured books in Gyaan Adab’s library and Director’s library. It also gives recommended readings!

The second issue was on the theme of “Travel”. Nadia Sen Sharma told My Theatre Cafe in a press release “We are about to launch Gyaan Kitaab with the issue ‘War & Literature’; Head, Events Operations & Marketing of Gyaan Adab.

She adds “Being a literature and arts centre, Gyaan Adab makes a constant dedicated effort to encourage more people in the community to read books and appreciate literature. We have already curated and presented more than four hundred events around literature and the arts over the last three and a half years of our existence, and maintain a very well stocked library of carefully selected books. The Gyaan Adab team, led by our Director & Creative Head, has fashioned Gyaan Kitaab to give a digital dimension to our mission and reach out to a wider audience, going beyond geographical boundaries.”

The launch of the issue will also have events around the theme of war as reflected in literature and the arts, music, films and readings.

On Friday June 16 2017, Gyaan Adab is launching the latest issue of Gyaan Kitaab, with a specially curated event around the theme of war as reflected in literature and the arts. Music, film and readings in store for the patrons.


Where: Gyaan Adab

When:Friday, 16th June

Time:7 PM

All are cordially invited

Contact : 02065217333