Customer – the most important person in the world!


Katja Splichal (Germany), is head of online, software and new product development at Stuttgart based publisher Eugen Ulmer since 2013. Since April 2014, she is also heading the online publishing department and is member of the Executive Committee. Her main fields of work include the development of the CMS, the development of digital business models, the implementation of solutions for digital publishing in e-books, apps, e-papers and databases, as well as support for the e-learning business segment.

Share your journey into the world of Publishing.

From my very early days, even when being a toddler, I dreamt of becoming a famous veterinarian and would do pretty much everything to spend time with animals: horses, dogs, cows, cats and pigs where among my friends just as birds and fish, sheep and rabbits were. During school time I worked for a veterinarian in my hometown and just when life turned serious and it came to studying, I was diagnosed with serious allergies, well: animal hair. After recovering from the shock of a life’s plan gone bad, I decided to at least work on books about animals – and enrolled myself in to study publishing. After several stops in start-ups, a consultancy and as a teacher at university, today I work for Ulmer Publishing – where we do tons of books about every animal you might think of. As head of production and digital I get in touch with as much of it as I please to – and which for everyone to experience the same.

What is your opinion about annual publishing industry events like Young Professionals Program? What role are they playing in taking the Indian publishing one step ahead?

My opinion is that such events should happen at least twice a year. If we do not connect and repeatedly learn from each other – how are we supposed to help one another and keep us from doing the same mistakes all over again?
What will be your agenda of training at Young Professionals Programme to be held at IIC Delhi?

Two tough days of working at, for and with a self-created business model, shaping it, presenting it and finally pitching and defending it. My colleague Sriram and I bring our experience, a well-equipped toolbox from several years of failures and success plus some international insights on the customer – the most important person in the world, if thinking of business.

How will it benefit the participants in a long run?

Besides a growing network of business developers and colleagues from India and Germany, they’ll learn what the key facts and questions are if thinking about making money unlike you did before. As publishers, we’re not used too much on putting the costumer first – how would we go ahead, in our gate-keeper position? But those things are changing and in the long run, we’ll all have to learn, how to face and embrace that change. The YPP will help you, to get a great start and then move forward, where you belong.

What is the need of the hour in terms of training in publishing industry?




Change Management – in that order.

What do you have to say on the current state of training on publishing in India?

The current state does not matter. The only thing that matters is where you want to be in the future. Focus on your goals and go get them!


Katja Splichal will be the key facilitator at Young Professionals Programme 2016 to conduct the new product development programme to be held on 2nd 3rd Dec at IIC Delhi.

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